Cultured Code’s iOS 8 extension proves Things isn’t dead


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Like a favorite ’90s song, Cultured Code’s Things is a to-do app that many remember fondly, even though they can’t deny its outdatedness.

Once an app worthy of an Apple Design Award, Things has languished in its pre-iOS 7 state for far too long. The good news is that development of Things isn’t dead, as Cultured Code has shown with a preview of its awesome iOS 8 extension.

2014-09-02 21_22_39

Once Things 2.5 is released, you’ll be able to add tasks with content you’ve copied directly in apps like Safari. The flatter interface shown in the video is certainly an improvement over what Things currently looks like, and Things 3 will bring a redesigned interface with more features after version 2.5.

Cultured Code has a status page that details how development is progressing on its updates. A 2.3 update that “fixes a few bugs and visual glitches that have appeared in iOS 8 beta” has been submitted to Apple. Internal testing has begun of version 2.5, which includes the cleaned up interface and iOS 8 extension. Timing would suggest 2.5 won’t come out until iOS 8 is in the hands of the public.

Version 2.3 of Things for Mac is also in private beta for Yosemite, and Things 3 for Mac is still being developed. It will bring “a fresh new visual style, a revised user interface, more structure for your lists, and an array of great new features that are designed to make you more productive.”

There’s really no excuse for why it’s taken this long to update Things, but Cultured Code is promising that big updates are coming over the next couple of months. Will Tweetbot for iPad get redesigned first? The race is on!

  • Fed-up Things User

    I guess this is better than nothing lol. Come on Cultured Code, get your shit together!

  • WouldYouHireSomeMorePeople

    They need to hire more people. Their slowness to market has been a problem for years!

  • Excellent headline! Perfect start in the day! :)

    Indeed seems like Cultured Code is trying to earn a reputation as the slowest developing company on the planet.

    I really love the app and I am a user from day one. It still fits me perfectly, from a usability point of view. However, with iOS 8 being right around the corner, the app still looks like stone age of iOS 5. With this kind of slow development they will force people to try out different apps. I am on Todoist right now. However, Things still seems to fit me better … So come on guys – Things’ functionality has always been close to perfect, now bring on that fresh design so we can enjoy using the app again!

  • Guest

    I switched to iOS Reminders. It’s much more integrated into the OS. Things have sorta lost it’s appeal to me.