OS X Yosemite looks better than ever in beta 7


Yosemite preview 6

Today Apple released the seventh update to its developer build of OS X Yosemite. With the public release of Yosemite expected to arrive around October, Apple is polishing some of the finer details to get the OS ready for prime time.

Like always, we’ve collected today’s changes in Yosemite.

Dark Mode is more consistent throughout the OS

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 4.11.44 PM

It’s also been brought to Spotlight.

Software Update has been removed and replaced with a link to the Mac App Store.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 5.07.40 PM

Makes sense. Also, a ticker is displayed to show new updates.

Finder, Dashboard, Disk Utility, Migration Assistant, Keychain Access, and ColorSync Utility all have tweaked icons.







See if you can spot the couple of new icons in System Preferences too.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 5.12.53 PM

  • Dayvid Falcones

    Software Update from the  menu was just removed, the App Store link was always there…

    • PMB01

      Correct. It was redundant since Software Update is through the Mac App Store anyway.

      • Jhabril_Harris


  • “Force Quit Finder” wow, this have never been on previous Mac OS X systems.

    • Unicorn Drank

      Very true, never seen that until now

    • How is this any different than Force “Reloading” the Apple Finder from the Console or the Option + Apple + Esc menu?

      It’s the same thing. Just now they gave it a shortcut and put the option in the Finder menu.

      Not like you couldn’t achieve the same thing in the past.

      • Mark Langston

        “It’s the same thing. Just now they gave it a shortcut and put the option in the Finder menu.”

        Read that a couple more times and I think you’ll see the contradiction.

        It may not be a revolutionary, mind-blowing alteration to the OS but having a shortcut that wasn’t there previously does technically constitute as “different”. Same action, yes. Different method, yes.

    • inviso

      on my system it’s only when i press shift… but something’s new there

    • Dan D.

      Yes it has. It’s been there at least since 10.9, possibly earlier. Hold down shift while the Apple menu is open, and “Force Quit [current application]” appears there. Not coincidentally, unless you use Grab.app, taking screenshots always involves the shift key.

      • Finder can’t be quit or force quit. It can be only relaunched, either from “force quit” from command+option key+esc (screenshot attached) or if you press shift+apple menu it show “force quite finder” but it actually relaunch it, not quit.

    • MichalM.Mac

      It can be invoked by holding shift in 10.9.

    • this is not a new feature…the key command for a screenshot uses the shift key (cmd+shift+3/4) shift is also the default modifier to show this option, even in mavericks…so if you have the menu open and try to take a screenshot there is no way of doing it without having “force quit finder” show up :)

      (unless you go and change the screenshot key command in the preferences)

  • codeslubber

    Seems like we should be getting excited about more than tweaked icons.

  • give_me_a_break

    So will this release be slower, less stable and more opaque than previous releases since snow leopard. My guess is yes, but surprise is possible. Do we know yet, what features they have taken way. Is mail still a pile of steaming …. Does calendar still live down to our expectations.

    • Kr00

      Boy, aren’t you a ray of sunshine. To answer your “questions”, no! It works just fine on a 2009 MacBook Pro, 4Gb RAM. If your still living in the past with a love of Snow Leopard, then you better not leave your house. The world has changed, a lot, since then.

    • Peter Wolf

      I’m running the public beta 2 and, believe it or not, it’s more stable and feels snappier than Mavericks ever was… Mind you, I have very good hardware – 27″ iMac with 3.5 GHz CPU, 24 GB of RAM, Fusion Drive – but I’ve truly started enjoying this machine (bought in March) with Yosemite. Hell, they’ve never had a public beta before (save the first OS X in 2000?), so one may presume they mean business this time.

  • nathanielaldon

    Anyone else having issues installing? I downloaded the update, but it won’t install…

    • dispedia

      it’s not even showing up on my app store update list …

      • Hi

        Refresh it.

      • dispedia

        nope still not showing. my yosemite is DP 6 (14A329r)

      • dispedia

        ok i feel stupid. this release is for developer only … my bad

      • GHA

        Just get the delta update from somewhere else and it will update just fine, GOOGLE

  • kavok

    I still want a system-wide Dark Mode GUI. C’mon Apple. If you can do it for Spotlight, you can do it with the window elements. I’m guessing they won’t because Final Cut, Logic, and the other professional apps would lose their “pro-ness” look if they made it ubiquitous.

    • Tg337

      Looks like apple has windonozed OS X. It looks half baked and with no purpose. They should call this feature half dark mode, cuz that’s what it is.

    • Dakota Hunter

      I think the intention for Dark Mode was to make the Menu Bar and Dock blend in for pros. FCPX, Logic X etc all have a dark UI. Even the Adobe CS6 apps changed from a light UI to a dark UI. It would be nice to have a full system-wide Dark theme, but I don’t believe that is what Apple was shooting for.

  • Andrew

    I’m really not a fan of how light the font is. It needs to be a bit bolder.

  • Arun Andiselvam

    Does someone know what else is getting updated other than tweaked icons and changes in the menu names?

  • Guest

    Looks like highlighted states of the menu are now white instead of blue. I think that’s new if I remember right.

  • Luatee

    What makes Apple think new icons are worth a new preview? No wonder they’re going downhill with these operating systems.

    • vaibhav_kaushal

      They have been going downhill since 1980’s. IIRC.

      • San Diego Dave

        That’s a joke, right?

      • vaibhav_kaushal

        What did you think? :P

    • Michael

      What makes you think that only the icons have changed and not bug fixes? Idiot.

  • I like to see the Perian pref still working in Yosemite

  • How does it look better than ever lol? It has one NOTICEABLE change (Dark Mode for Spotlight) otherwise most people won’t notice that much so its not like the OS got another major redesign.

  • Danilo Abud Antonio Jimenez
    I have a question: in the early betas I could make calls from Yosemite through my IPhone, after 5 only allows me to receive. Trying to call tells me that the iPhone and the Mac must be on the same iCloud account and on the same network and so I do. Anyone know anything?
    5 minutes ago

  • Christian

    Why can’t they make the window panes go dark as well? they just look out of place this way IMO.

  • warpedgeoid

    Did they fix the issue with the traffic lights where the hover icons aren’t centered? That’s driving me crazy in the latest consumer preview.