Netflix adds option to recommend shows to your Facebook friends



Trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix can take nearly as long as actually watching the show you finally pick, but a new update to Netflix could make your selection process a little quicker with recommendations from your friends.

Starting today, Netflix users on iOS, PS3, and Xbox will be able to suggest TV shows to friends directly from Netflix via a Facebook message.

Netflix has boasted Facebook integration for a while now, but the new feature lets you target specific friends to recommend shows to, by sending them a message after you’ve just watched a show. To share a show just select the Find Friends option at the end of show and a list of your Facebook friends will be displayed below the video with the option to choose which friends to send your recommendation to.

After a recommendation has been sent your friends will see a message the next time they open up Netflix, or if they haven’t connected their Facebook account, they’ll receive the recommendation as a direct message in Facebook chat. Netflix says recommendations will be kept totally private so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing wall posts.

The new feature is now available on Netflix’s website as well as some smart-TVs, but the company says it will be rolling out to more platforms (like Apple TV) in the next few months.

Source: Netflix

  • Been waiting for this feature, too bad it was ruined by implementation through fb. Lazy execution.

  • Adam

    A feature that *needs* to be added is the ability to remove (hide) movies I’ve already seen from the list of suggestions… A good way to implement would be to filter out the movies you have already rated and show unrated movies only. Then Netflix would get better rating data, while customers would get newer/fresher suggestions.

  • thatboy

    lol groundbreaking!