Elgato’s HomeKit-ready sensors automate your entire home


(Picture: Elgato)

As the iPhone 6 and public launch of iOS 8 gets ever closer, a number of products offering full integration with Apple’s new HomeKit platform have started popping up on a regular basis.

The latest of these is Elgato’s new line of “Eve” connected home sensors, which debuted at the IFA 2014 trade show in Berlin, Germany. The range of Bluetooth accessories are able to monitor air quality, detect smoke, and track humidity, energy used, air pressure and water consumption — then feeding all of this data back to your iPhone or iPad.

The Elgato app will additionally offer suggestions and tips designed to let users better improve the environment, thereby living up to Apple’s ideal as a sustainable eco-friendly company.

Elgato also announced new $50 Avea smart lightbulbs, which will let users set up custom profiles, colors and alarms using a dedicated iOS app. Unlike the most established product in this category, Philips’ Hue smart bulbs, the Avea can connect directly via Bluetooth and doesn’t require a hub.

A video for the company’s dynamic lighting solution can be seen below:

While Elgato is very quick off the mark to announce HomeKit integration, it’s not the first company to do so. Last week saw the shipping of the August Smart Lock, an electronic lock designed to allow keyless entry into people’s homes using an iOS app. Other partners in Apple’s HomeKit certification program include Philips and Nest-rival thermostat maker Honeywell.

Source: Elgato

Via: Macrumors

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