September 19 iPhone 6 pre-order date affirmed by Dutch carrier


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We’re fairly confident that Apple will show off the iPhone 6 at its September 9th media event next week, but when will the new hardware actually go on sale?

Signs are pointing to Friday, September 19th for the date that preorders begin—at least in the Netherlands. The Chinese media and Deutsche Telekom support representatives have already mentioned the 19th as new iPhone day too.

Last year, the iPhone 5s and 5c were unveiled on September 10th. The 5c became available for preorder three days later, but Apple didn’t offer preorders for the 5s. Both phones went on sale together on Friday, September 20th, which was the second Friday after Apple’s media event. has heard from sources at an unnamed Dutch carrier that iPhone 6 sales will begin the 19th priced at €699 for what will likely be the highest-end model. The site also mentions a €55 “subscription” plan for the model with the lowest storage.

Interestingly, the carrier’s backend system allegedly doesn’t show two different iPhone models, which would support previous reports that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 won’t go on sale alongside the 4.7-inch model at launch.

(Update: This article has been revised to reflect that September 19th is the rumored date for when Apple will begin preorders in the Netherlands, not when the new iPhone will officially go on sale.)


  • Cmac0801

    While this could certainly be true I wouldn’t believe a Dutch Carrier. The iPhone has always launched at a later date in The Netherlands than in countries like the UK, France and Germany. But then again this could be true and mean that the iPhone 6 will launch at the 19th of September in more countries than it usually first does.

    EDIT: After reading the original source I can say that you were misinformed Alex, the source of the “leak” says that pre orders will start on the 19th and that they will ship on the 26th.

    • You are correct. Thanks for pointing out. I’ve updated the article to reflect.

  • milanyc

    I have a feeling that it’ll be available in the US on the 12th.

  • Steven

    I can see this being off by a week here in the US. The iPhone 6 will be available to pre-order on the 12th at 12:00 AM and be available to purchase “in store” on the morning of the 19th. Unless Apple changes up their own pattern, this is the way it’s been the last 4-5 launches.

  • PMB01

    Unless Apple changes their release pattern, this date is correct. The release has been 2 Fridays after the announcement since they moved to a fall release schedule. I predicted these dates months ago and continue to be proven correct.

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