Founder of AnandTech retires from tech writing to work for Apple



If you love learning about the technical intricacies of your favorite gadgets, chances are you’ve heard of the website AnandTech.

The founder of the 17-year-old site, Anand Lal Shimpi, has been a highly regarded tech reviewer for years. Over the weekend, he announced his retirement from the world of journalism with no explanation.

Now it has been revealed why he quit: to work for Apple.

Recode, which has been on a run with Apple scoops recently, confirmed with Apple that Shimpi is joining the company. No other details were given. Cult of Mac has reached out to Shimpi for comment.

For the past couple of product launches, Apple gave Shimpi and AnandTech earlier review access to new hardware. In the tech industry, AnandTech’s reviews are lauded for their technical detail and extensive testing. Here’s an except from Shimpi’s iPhone 5s review:

Unlike the 64-bit x86 transition, ARM’s move to 64-bit comes with a new ISA rather than an extension of the old one. The new instruction set is referred to as A64, while a largely backwards compatible 32-bit format is called A32. Both ISAs can be supported by a single microprocessor design, as ARMv8 features two architectural states: AArch32 and AArch64. Designs that implement both states can switch/interleave between the two states on exception boundaries. In other words, despite A64 being a new ISA you’ll still be able to run old code alongside it. As always, in order to support both you need an OS with support for A64. You can’t run A64 code on an A32 OS. It is also possible to do an A64/AArch64-only design, which is something some server players are considering where backwards compatibility isn’t such a big deal.

That probably reads like a different language to most people, but it showcases Shimpi’s deep knowledge of the chips and radios that make up gadgets.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Shimpi is to lend his expertise somewhere like Apple’s semiconductors team, although he could also be an asset to the company’s public relations department.

  • Apple best acquisition this year.

    • Tim Galloway

      I’m pretty sure he’s good, however there have been many acquisitions this year.

      • Hi Tim. AnandTech was the #1 computer website, and I’m not talking about traffic only, but credibility. I followed all his “conversion” as Anand was a die hard Windows user, and since he took a self challenge to use for 30 days a Mac only, he could go back.

        He not only got passioned, but Anand articles about Apple were just brilliant – he could review any Apple product from the the detailed CPU specs to the exterior materials and design with no bias. And he could even make great insight of what was great and what not. That’s why I think Anand, as Angela Ahrendts last year, was the best acquisition (not Beats). Cheers.

  • site7000

    I’m happy for Shimpi, but this is hard to figure. It would be a waste to just put him in a back room doing tech stuff or managing, so maybe he’s headed into some kind of PR position. What the hell is Apple up to?

    • CB

      A waste? He’s a highly-skilled computer engineer.

      • site7000

        There are a lot of highly skilled computer engineers available, but there are very few technical writers/reviewers with Shimpi’s visibility and credibility. That’s what they would waste by putting him in a back room. Unless that’s what he wants, of course.

  • Asgerhj

    Can’t wait to hear the outcry from long time Anandtech PC-followers :-)
    That being said, I myself have enjoyed his (and the rest of the talented reviewers’) articles over the years.
    At Apple, I am not sure that he has the right background to develop chips – at least not on the more technical level. But maybe kind of “coherence manager”, because of his extensive knowledge about systems as a whole.