Apple explains why apps get rejected from the App Store


  • Apple? What bull crap, all you have to do is read the negative comments on apps, or download one yourself to find out that there is NO Vetting process or 95% of the apps in the App store would not be crappy rip off shit.

  • numb_sense

    and that’s why there are no bloated crapware apps in the App Store. DL it yourself and review it, “reviews are very reliable”. <– duh!

  • Ryan

    I have been an iOS app developer for about 4 years. I currenty have two apps on the App Store and honesty the review process isn’t really something I worry about all too much. As log as your app isn’t 1. A copy 2. Containing malicious code 3. Badly designed it will probably be released. I don’t think “iron gates” is a great way to describe the process; there are a lot of bad apps on the store. Personally I think it should be more rigorous.

    • shayneo

      The process certainly does feel a lot more transparent than it did when I started app dev around the same time you did. Back then it was pretty damn mysterious , it would just be rejected, often weeks after submission, and you’d be on the phone for hours trying to find out why. Now its a relatively quick process and they lay it out for you what needs to be fixed.