Photoshop on your iPad just got better in new Photoshop Mix update



We’re huge fans of Adobe Photoshop Mix for the iPad, but as much as we like it, it had some rough edges.

Our own Charlie Sorrel called it more like a proof of concept than a proper app, that needed some work before it became truly indispensible.

A new update to Photoshop Mix has just helped polish some of the app’s rough edges. The new version adds support for a much-needed Undo/Redo function, as well as local saving, Dropbox support, swapping images, and more.

In addition to faster performance, project loading, and live preview, here’s what is new.

First of all, Photoshop Mix now supports undoing and redoing previous actions. If you make a mistake, you can now undo or redo an effect up to three times within each task.

In addition, you can now easily swap foreground and background images by just dragging the image thumbnail, as well as save full-resolution JPEG and PNG images to your Camera Roll. Finally, if you want import images from Dropbox, that’s now an option too.

With this update, the best mobile version of Photoshop just became even better. You can download Photoshop Mix for the iPad for free here.

Source: iTunes

  • 229mike

    Not impressed with a function only being able to undo/redo 3 steps that is an every other Photo editing app.