Flint Center’s website hasn’t been updated since Steve Jobs introduced the iMac



Apple’s decision to host its biggest event of the year at the Flint Center in Cupertino, rather than the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, has caught the notice of many Apple fans.

Only three Apple events have been held at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts, including the introductions of the Macintosh in 1984 and the Bondi Blue iMac in 1998. That’s also about the last time the Flint Center updated its website.

Visiting FlintCenter.com will instantly transport you back to days of IE, Netscape and dial-up modems. Despite boasting nearly 640,000 hits, the site hasn’t been updated since 1997 and proudly informs visitors that it’s “optimized for use with Netscape 2.0.” Pixelated navigation menu icons dominate most of the page when you first visit, but if you comb through the links you can find an old seating chart PDF, calendars and info on the center’s executive suites.

The site hasn’t been completely neglected over the past 17 years though. New posts have been created to announce the arrival of the Barefoot Contessa, but the box office will be closed until September 15 while Apple takes care of business.

Maybe while Apple is busy constructing that gigantic three-story stage on the side, it can task a few interns with throwing up a more modernized webpage for its host. At least something that supports Safari.

  • That’s fairly astonishing. Maybe Tim Cook having an event there will prompt them to update the site design. I am certain I could make a better site myself.

    • Windlasher

      My 12 year old could make a site better than that.. Wowza!

  • Roger

    That website has all the info you’d ask for, there is no need for responsive website or HTML5, it works so why change it? :)

  • Joe Naflish

    im instantly transported back in 1998..thanks Flint Center website for the nice memory

  • DarekSlaby

    Why do some of the links have recent dates? The “exec suites” link states that the place can be leased to August 31st, 2014

    • PMB01

      Maybe read the article?

      • DarekSlaby

        I did. Doesn’t say anything about the dates

      • PMB01

        That whole section about how it actually has been updated recently.

  • Andy Shorrock

    Why the necessity to criticise something for the way it looks?

    Put it another way…

    Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa hasn’t had a fresh lick of paint for over 400 years, so how about we touch it up a bit, make that wishy washy “enigmatic smile” in to a big tooth grin so we know she’s happy about having the greatest artist of her age painting her likeness. Would that make you feel better?