iPhone 6 leaks continue with new components and larger speaker


Among other things, the new leaks appear to confirm the colors we can expect for the iPhone 6.

We’re 23 days and counting (most likely) from the iPhone 6 going on sale, and more and more components are surfacing to tease what we can all look forward to in our next generation handsets.

The latest leak comes from French Apple website NowhereElse.fr and depicts a selection of SIM trays, Home buttons, Apple logos, speakers, and vibrator motors.

While we’ve previously seen SIM trays for the device, apparently cluing us in on the colors we can expect the iPhone 6 to come in (hint: it’s the same Silver, Gold and Space Gray color configurations we have for the iPhone 5s), the most potentially tantalizing detail of the lot comes in the size and shape of Apple’s chosen speakers for the iPhone 6.

If these pictures are to be believed, the internal speaker for the device is physically larger than the comparable component in previous iPhones. This, in turn, could suggest that the iPhone 6 might boast superior sound quality or volume alongside the expected larger display.

The vibrator motor is also significantly different from previous iPhones, but this change most likely just relates to the new internal layout of the handset and is unlikely to have any impact on the effect for users.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to be unveiled September 9 and go on sale 10 days later on September 19. A larger 5.5-inch “phablet” variant will likely show up around Christmas time.





Source: NowhereElse.fr

Via: 9to5mac

  • I don’t care what physical things they do with the new iPhone 6… I just want a damn good battery. If the 6 gives us that then AWESOME!. But I’m still waiting for that. I currently have an iPhone 4 and have epic battery life. Put that in the 6 and I’ll be happy :)

  • Carl

    So what size will the sims be? Micro or Nano?

    I’m buying this phone outright so I want to be prepared for the release day.