Dad mows down video games and we can’t stop watching


Screenshot: Rob LeFebvre, via YouTube
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We’ve all heard it: “Turn that TV off or I’m gonna take it and toss it out the g*dd*mn window.” Chances are, if you’re a parent, you’ve even said such a thing (I know I have).

That’s why after repeated watchings we just had to share this viral video from YouTuber McJuggerNuggets about a crazy family with a dad that resorts to mowing down his layabout son’s video game collection to intimidate the kid into getting a job.

Check out this NSFW video (F-bombs galore) below and you’ll be as hooked on the uncomfortable family drama as we are.

Totally hard to handle, right? The screaming young adult, crying over Xbox discs. The old-school dad going to extremes to get his kid out of the house and into a money-earning activity. The ridiculously giggling older brother who’s holding the camera to show his family in the worst light possible.

This can’t be real. While the performances are pretty spot-on, there’s just no way this series of videos is a true documentary. Here’s one where the dad tosses his son’s Xbox 360 into a fire and then trashes it out on the driveway.

There’s another one where big brother sets younger brother up with hidden cameras and then trashes the younger’s $900 fancy video cam. And then there’s another one, shot in the same style, where the younger brother gets behind the camera and films dad taking an ax to older brother’s laptop.

It’s all very well-done, and the product of Rigid Studios. They have a ton of other documentary-style videos, as well. The family psycho-drama is our favorite, though, because it’s so very, very uncomfortable and relatable.

Source: YouTube

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12 responses to “Dad mows down video games and we can’t stop watching”

  1. CyborgOne says:

    Wow – just terribly, TERRIBLY acted. “the performances are pretty spot-on” – that’s intended to be sarcasm, right?

    Why do people bother to create such drivel?

  2. secdj says:

    STUPIDEST thing ever! Ugh…

  3. Guy Peters says:


  4. xared says:

    Made my day :D

  5. ShadowGarden says:

    fake, totally acting!

  6. Scott Noble says:

    Fake 100%.

  7. Brandon Franklin says:

    I remember when I was about 12-13 my dad smashed 2live crews as nasty as they wanna be, eazy e’s easy duz it and ice cubes amerikkka’s most wanted cassette tapes with a hammer! I don’t know which was worse the fact that they were my friends tapes or the rap song he made up while he was yelling at me. Bottom line… don’t fuck with dads they don’t have time or patience for bs

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