Juciest iPhone 6 leak ever



Peak iPhone 6 rumor season is upon us and in just a few short weeks we really will know what Apple’s next smartphone(s) will look like. Until Tim Cook actually takes the stage though, the leaks will keep flooding in, but none are sure to be as juicy as what vlogger Doldo411 just uncovered over at the Second City Network.

Thanks to sources close to the situation, Doldo411 got an exclusive first look at the iPhone 6, and after performing a quick teardown, reveals the new iPhone design is definitely thicker but more flexible that previous designs.  It also comes with a delicious new case with gradient wood paneling. If this isn’t the real iPhone, it’s at least the funniest leak of the year.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, anyone hoping for better battery life this year will be sorely disappointed.

  • dcj001

    “in just a few short weeks we really will know what Apple’s next smartphone(s) will look like.”

    Actually, Buster, we will really know what Apple’s next smartphone(s) will look like in exactly two weeks, not a few short weeks.

    After having seen a few seconds of the video, I can say that everyone should disregard this useless page, and all future articles written by Buster Hein(e).

    • tHoj101

      Wow dude. Learn to laugh! …Considering September 9th hasn’t been officially confirmed by Apple, Buster was covering his tracks by providing a general idea of when the next iPhone would launch, because journalists should try and maintain an unbiased opinion. But seriously though, laugh it off.

      • lead_org

        dcj001, must have an unbalanced yin and yang from the look thing.

    • BusterH

      @dcj001:disqus definition of FEW: adjective & pronoun 1.a small number of.

      I’d consider two weeks to be a small number of weeks, but yes, I did not specify that we’re exactly two weeks away from the rumored date. My apologies if my ambiguity caused you to spray some bile with your keyboard

    • Youll Log

      Wow, lighten up! This “review” is actually a breath of fresh air, it’s silly and comical. Complete poke at the daily, heck sometimes 3 times a day rumors on Twitter, Facebook, this and other websites. “Phone may not have a headphonejack because of wireless Beats, but if it does it may be 2.5″….or maybe not?” “Foxcomm employee leaks sketch on a napkin of the new iPhone 5.5in ‘holy crap a curved bulletproof OLED screen’- legit proof here” Get a grip, yeah I can’t wait until the 9th myself, until then we’ll still see 13 and 1/2 days of rumors and specualtions of what this thing may ACTUALLY look like

  • Juan

    Not funny. Waste of time. Unsuscribing this blog.

  • sitarro

    No doubt Samsung is trying their hardest to copy this version.

    • Runwild

      Samsungs version will be bigger, longer and uncut!

  • Mark Robertson

    Ummmm……Juiciest?? Sorry :( couldn’t help myself.

  • radtech132

    The dog…just the dog. My God…rollling!!
    dcj001…wow man. OCD much? Life a little too serious for ya?

  • Steve Jobs

    grab that hot dog, and stick to the straight