Amazing ski video will have you neck-deep in powder lust


Check out that shadow.
Check out that shadow.

With ski season closer than you can believe, it’s time to start drooling over the amazing HD footage out there on the web. So you can dream away your workday with these moving images, you’ll need to check out this amazing footage from four powder fanatics who used only Go Pro cameras to film their fresh exploits across the coolest drops in Hokkaido, Japan, Pemberton, British Columbia and Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Check out the extreme shots below and start gathering your lift tickets, high-end goggles and ski wax.

The eight-minute video showcases the last season extreme skiing adventures of the three-man skier film team of Nimbus Independent. The men (Eric Pollard, Chris Benchetler, and Pep Fujas) filmed the above using only tiny high-definition GoPro cameras, and represents only half of their actual two-year full-length movie project, After The Sky Falls, which will release next year along with a coffee table book full of gnarly photos.

Regardless, the raw, realistic footage has us yearning for the snow season this winter. Now please excuse us as we crank up the air-conditioning, bundle up in our ski jackets, and run that video again.

Source: Powder Magazine