Creator of A Dark Room launches match-3 Web game



The creator of minimalist text game A Dark Room has just released an intriguing new title entitled Gridland. Although the game has yet to arrive in the App Store, it is playable on iOS devices using Safari.

Gridland is a match-3 game, which requires players to make matches in order to gather resources and build buildings during the day — and then to fight off creatures at night. In other words, it’s every bit as “out there” as A Dark Room — and quite possibly as immersive as well.

Players wanting to have a crack at Gridland can play it at this link, which should launch the game in your device’s default Web browser.

Despite being a Web-based game, it plays very well on both the iPhone and iPad, and even comes with the ability to save games between sessions.

No word yet on whether Amirali Rajan, who created the App Store port of A Dark Room, will be releasing an official app port of Gridland. Based on the massive success of A Dark Room, however, it would seem to be a logical step. As a massive fan of that particular game (check out my “making of” feature from earlier this year) I’d definitely love to play it.

Source: Touch Arcade

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