Chinese government plans to ditch Apple and Google with its own OS


Apple couldn't be more popular in China -- among customers, that is!
Apple couldn't be more popular in China -- among customers, that is!

China is planning to take on Apple and Google with a new homegrown operating system that will launch this year, as Chinese government seeks to distance itself from imported rivals.

The new operating system created by the Chinese government will hit desktops first when its released in October, according to a report from Reuters, and will hopefully supplant Windows, OS X and Chrome OS as the top desktop operating system in China within one to two years, with a mobile version planned as well.

Ni Guangnan who heads the official OS development alliance, says that the mobile operating system should replace iOS and Android within the next three to five years, and that the new OS will support app stores.

Security concerns with U.S. computer software has heightened tensions between the U.S. and China after revelations from Edward Snowden claimed the NSA has open backdoor tools coded into most U.S. software. A number of Chinese OSes already existed, but Ni admits there’s a large gap between China’s tech and that of the West.

Earlier this year, China banned Windows 8 for government use and opened an investigation into anti-trust violations. Ni told reporters the Windows 8 ban is a big opportunity for China to push forward with its own systems, but it still needs a lot more development and investment in order to contend with Google, Apple and Microsoft.