Foxconn factory leaks exact dimensions of iPhone 6



Foxconn factory employees have leaked the complete dimensions of the iPhone 6, according to, which posted photos of what appears to be Foxconn’s internal software listing the full dimensions for both the 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

The two new phones, code named N56 and N61, are expected to be announced next month, and if the leaked specs are right, not only will the 5.5-inch iPhone have more screen than your iPhone 5s, it will also be 60% heavier.


Based on the photos, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will measure 158mm long, 78 mm wide, 7.1 mm thick and weigh 184.6 grams (the iPhone 5s weighs 112 grams). There’s also information on a first prototype that had similar dimensions but weighed only 168.5 grams.

Measurements for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 are supposedly 138 mm long, 66 mm wide, and 6.9 mm thick. A weight isn’t listed for the device. Both devices feature a protruding camera lens like the one currently found on the iPod Touch.

The 5.5-inch iPhone 6’s extra will come with the benefit of extra battery power, claims whose source says Apple plans to use a 2915 mAh capacity battery and a LiquidMetal Apple logo on the back. The site also claims Apple wanted to add a 2.5mm headphone jack to the iPhone 6, but decided to abort the plan due to fears of customer backlash.

  • jake weber

    oh…god…why. 60% heavier and a protruding camera lens? no thanks.

    • Fuck you Jake Weber

      I couldn’t care, I thought the 5S was toooooo light. I need something I can feel in my hand when I walk. I think the lighter the phone, the more room for error. ie. when you don’t realize it’s in your lap getting out of your car and it crashes to the ground.

      • jake weber

        So you’re telling me that because your phone is “too light” that you are not consciously aware of its presence? That’s pretty ridiculous. I like my equipment to be light, especially if I’m outdoors shooting with my iPhone. And also, just because it’s “too light” doesn’t mean that you can’t physically feel the device in your hands. Then again, your creative username for this reply says a lot. Don’t put your phone in your lap and then get out of your car. I don’t think that’s a problem with the weight of your phone, that sounds like a personal problem.

        As for the protruding lens factor, how is the back of the iPhone going to remain flat on a steady surface? I’m just complaining because I don’t like change. I’m sure Apple will prove me wrong on the 9th.

        It’s just an opinion. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

    • Ryan

      How did you expect it to get 1.5″ added on diagonally and the weight not go up. For the 5.5″ iPhone to weigh less than the iPhone 5s it would have to be about 4.48mm thick, a little more than half of what it actually is. Btw the thinnest smart phone right now is 5mm thick.

  • Matthew Chambers

    4.7 for the win. 5.5? No thanks.

  • sigzero

    Why does anyone care if that camera lens protrudes. Gimme a break.

    • Robert Stukenbroeker

      exactly.. you will most likely have a case on it anyways so it won’t matter.

      • Sonny

        Case? Seriously? So why bother with the whole design engineering if the phone will end up coveted in a case?

    • Sonny

      Because it’s UGLY.

  • Johnnola504

    I don’t see what the big deal is about The camera lens protruding. After all who is not going to have a case on it and that would resolve the problem.

  • Adrayven

    These are Proto type 1 and 2 .. like way old.. probably why someone was able to get their hands on them

    See how they have 2 versions of the 5.5 with 2 hight measurements for the camera? They were still in the early stages of development in this … for all we know it looks like a clownie cake now.. :p

  • Guest

    Recreated and printed out the given dimensions. Then placed my iPhone 4S on top of them.
    Sorry for the poor camera quality (iPad 2 camera).

  • Guest

    Recreated and printed out the given dimensions. Then placed my iPhone 4S on top of them.

    Sorry for the low camera quality (iPad 2 camera).

  • I’d Ont Thinkso

    So, a French site releases screenshots from a Taiwanese Manufacturing company that is in English. Really? In addition to teaching the underpaid workers how to put an iPhone together, are they also teaching them how read English?

    • Gagik

      Maybe this is an operator’s computer on the photo, and he does know English, cause Apple wouldn’t let a simple worker use it. Billions of people speak and read in English, who knows exactly who is the user of pc on that photo?

  • Gagik

    I think it’s a real factory photo, because there wasn’t any reference to 5c as N48 previously, and here is the first time it is named N48. 8.97 mm thin, 124.44 tall, 59.18 wide, exactly 5c!

    But the other thing bothers me. If it is real (it seems very real), then the protruding camera is our destiny and there is no perfectly symmetrical iPhones any more (the new ones, I mean). Then the magic look and feel may be lost. But we still don’t know exactly, so it also may change, or we could just like it. Any way, these items are Proto 1 and Proto 2, so maybe Proto 3 or RTM is there?

  • Gagik

    Stop.. Steve Jobs once said that iPod touch is a “testing platform for the next iPhones”! Wow, I didn’t take those words so seriously, but now it’s time to say that we could predict some iPhone 6 details years ago.

  • Trill Toddler

    I don’t use cases on phones, so the protruding camera is kind of annoying. Overall, it still looks pretty nice

  • Sonny

    I’m so disappointed with the design.if final product is anything like this leak,then iPhone 6 will be one f the ugliest modern smart phones.this is design failure for sure..antenna bands and protruding camera

  • steven taylor

    I thought apple wanted to get away from fragile phones… meaning hopefully no need for a case (or less need)… and that leaves me with a wobbly iPhone when I tap whatever app I’m tapping while it’s laying on my desk.

    honestly, I’m hoping for some innovation and this is the max protrusion of a telescopic lense…please. otherwise you might as well slap Steve in the face with it.