Crystal Baller: iPhone 6 gets NFC and 7 other crazy Apple rumors



A hot stew of Apple rumors has been boiling all week…

The iPhone 6’s official unveiling is less than a month away, and even though we pretty much know what it’s going to look like, the rumor mill hasn’t let up on new details that could make their way into the iPhone 6.

Once again, we’re donning our finest gypsy apparel and stepping behind the crystal ball to divine the truth behind this week’s most plausible and impossible rumors to see if NFC really is coming to the iPhone, whether the iPad Air 2 will get a RAM upgrade, and if it’s true that iWatch is too hopelessly behind to launch in 2014.

Come stare into our crystal ball to see past the rumors and into the future…

Partially assembled iPhone 6

The Rumor: This partially assembled iPhone 6 is the best glimpse we’ve seen of the new device.

The Verdict: True. Feld and Volk shared images of an assembled front panel and rear shell this week that show pretty much exactly what Tim Cook will announce next month: a curvy iPhone with big display, recessed volume buttons, tweaked speaker holes, and a sapphire glass display.

iPad Air 2 gets 2GB of RAM

Photo: Apple

iPhone 6 gets beefed up storage

The Rumor: The iPhone 6 will get up to 128GB of storage.

The Verdict: Believe it. Leaked schematics point to this being the year that Apple beefs up physical storage on the iPhone, and with NAND Flash modules being so cheap, adding a lot extra storage is the least Apple can do this year if sapphire displays are delayed until 2015.

5.5-inch rear shell leaks

The Rumor: These are photos of the 5.5-inch iPhone’s rear shell.

The Verdict: Finally. We’ve been inundated with leaked parts for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 all summer, but BestTechInfo got their hands on the first 5.5-inch shell we’ve seen. It looks like it’s now safe again to believe the iPhablet will land in 2014.

50% faster LTE speeds coming this fall

The Rumor: iPhone 6 will use Qualcomm’s MDM9625 for 50% LTE speeds.

The Verdict: Most likely. The guys at GeekBar claim the iPhone 6 won’t support LTE Category 6 like previous rumors suggested, but it will still get an LTE speed boost, topping out at 150Mbps, instead of the super-fast 300Mbps some fans were hoping for.

iWatch is too far behind schedule

The Rumor: iWatch is running too late for a 2014 launch

The Verdict: Too early to tell. Ming-Chi Kuo reiterated his position that the iWatch won’t land this year because it represents a much higher level of difficulty for component and system design. Apple could launch it at the beginning of 2015, but there’s no way they’ll miss out on a massive holiday shopping season, even if it means launching the iWatch with limited supplies for the first few months.


Lightning cables with a reversible USB port?

The Rumor: Lightning cables are about to get a reversible USB end too.

The Verdict: Definitely, and they may even be ready in time for the iPhone 6. The new USB Type-C standard imitates Lightning with a reversible plug, but Apple’s found a way to make USB Type-A cables reversible too by simply removing a buffer section.

NFC rumors won't die

The Rumor: Leaked schematics reveal NFC support really is coming to the iPhone 6.

The Verdict:INCONCEIVABLE! The NFC rumors just won’t die this year. You’re telling me Apple could have added an NFC chip to any iPhone over the last four years, but for some reason they’ve decided to wait until the end of 2014, when NFC has been practically forgotten by consumers?

It sounds slightly crazy, but there’s been so much evidence pointing to its inclusion in the iPhone 6, that even I am pretty much convinced it’s coming. If Apple is rolling out a new mobile payments system, NFC could be the star player.

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  • Adrayven

    Forgot the one where they are dropping the numbers from the name, like they did with the iPads… The Thai whoops on stating a name and number of new phones and Apples response, ‘it may not be called that…”

    This year I think we can expect them to just call the next generation of the iPad Air and iPad Mini, just that, the next generation (not iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 2) and we’ll likely see iPhone / iPhone Air / iPhone Pro or some naming scheme to aline with the MacBooks, Mac/iMac, and iPad model naming scheme..

    Certainly is time, mobile phone market has matured enough were screen sizes won’t change much and a line of 2 – 3 phone model names would make sense.. Guess we’ll see on the 9th..

    I’ve been so done with the numbering in the name for awhile anyway.. I’m hoping for iPhone Classic, Air and Pro in respective 4, 4.7, and 5.5″ sizes … and iPad Mini, Air, and at some point an iPad Pro.. and just leave it at that from now on…