Product Hunt is like Reddit for the hottest new apps and tech



Product Hunt is the hottest startup in the Silicon Valley tech bubble right now, which is fitting because all it does is promote other startups.

Think of it like Reddit for the best new apps and services. Users can up-vote products they like and submit their own for consideration by the community. It’s a site for the geekiest of tech enthusiasts who are early adopters and care about how things are made.

The official Product Hunt iPhone app was released today, and it’s currently getting featured on the front page of the App Store.

The app is basically a native version of the website. The day’s products are displayed in the main window with links, votes, and comments. You can also submit a product to get voted on from the app. If you’re interested, it’s a free download in the App Store.

Hoover told VentureBeat that the Product Hunt app is iOS-only at launch because 95% of “mobile app submissions on Product Hunt are either only available on iOS or on both platforms.”

The main benefit to Product Hunt is that you become the first to see what’s new in the tech world.

The Yo app was featured on Product Hunt weeks before most tech blogs and mainstream sites covered it. When Foursquare released its latest redesign, the company’s CEO was lurking in Product Hunt answering questions and explaining the app.

If that sounds a lot like a tech-ified version of the Ask Me Anything subreddit, that’s because it is. And Product Hunt Founder Ryan Hoover has plans to grow the site into more than what it is now, so Reddit better watch out.