Quicken 2015 for Mac arrives with new design and mobile app to track your finances


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It has been seven years since Intuit has released a new version of Quicken for Mac. Like Windows XP, the finance management suite has remained a shining beacon of how ancient software can look after a few years.

Now it’s 2014, and Quicken is back with a big 2015 release and companion mobile app. There are some new features, and certain features from Quicken 2007 are missing in the launch version. The design has been completely revamped, and cloud sync keeps your finances up to date on the Mac and Money Management iPhone app.

Like Mint, Quicken can pull in your financial transactions from 14,500 banks, loan and investment accounts, and credit cards. The goal is put all of your money at your fingerprints with detailed tracking for everything from monthly statements to stock portfolios. Where Quicken differs from Mint is the level of customization and detail it gives you in managing your finances.

You can make Schedule D tax reports for your accountant, make different budgets, track stocks and other investments as their values change, and see a forecast for upcoming income and expenses. The new iOS app is for seeing account balances, transactions, budgets, and receipt storing with the iPhone’s camera.

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Whether you’re still on Quicken 2007 or (God forbid) Quicken Essentials, you’re going to want to get Quicken 2015. It costs $75 in the Mac App Store. In a press briefing, Quicken said that it will be releasing major updates throughout the year. If there are features missing you want to see return, Quicken has a list of features you can vote on to be added back.

  • Pepper Walker

    Looks a lot like Mint but with a price tag.

  • kavok

    Too little WAAAAY too late. Intuit has become irrelevant due to their own ignorance. They need to go the way of RIM.

  • mikeindc

    and no bill pay

  • RandomScribbler

    Never again.

  • JSintheStates

    Too late! Mint was terrible, and we’ve moved on!

  • Sam

    Can’t import older versions of your Quicken for Windows data???? WTF Intuit? Aint rocket science! I’ve so moved on – even bailed on TurboTax I was so pissed.

  • landoncube


  • Fantom

    It’ll be a freezing day in August before I spend $75 for something with so many shortcomings…

  • Online banking killed this

  • sMalL hIlL

    ” Quicken can pull in your financial transactions from 14,500 banks, loan and investment accounts, and credit cards.”

    I have a current account with a Building Society in England and another c.a. with a bank in Brazil. Will these be included in this 2015 app? Previous experience tells me not.