From geniuses to designers, chart reveals Apple salaries



Other than getting to #humblebrag to all your friends that Dr. Dre is your colleague at the top tech company in the world, working for Apple has some serious benefits in the form of cash money.

Apple makes sure to compensate most of its corporate employees enough to at least afford a Tesla. But if you’ve ever been curious how much each position at Apple earns a year, the folks at BusinessVibes created the graph based on data from GlassDoor that ranks over 20 jobs at Apple based on pay from the lowly Mac Genius to Jony Ive’s industrial designers.

The good news for coders ready for a career switch is even software quality assurance engineers start around $92k a year, but of course Apple places the most value on industrial designers who bring home nearly $30k more a year than the 2nd highest paid employees – hardware engineers.


  • WeaponZero

    Isn’t that a bit low though? I heard Google pays 72k salary just for interns.

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      Only if they are in the movie The Internship and they pass the tests. /s :-)

  • Théo Hudry

    Where are the graphic designers in this chart?

    • That’s what I am saying!

  • TheWaveable

    Not that high, compared to the salary here in Norway…

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    Do the corporate sales reps get paid commissions or bonuses on top of those salaries listed? It’s common for corporate sales people to get paid additional $$ based on performance measurements vs a retail sales rep.

    Also, it’s important to understand that they get stock, stock options, 401K contributions, etc. which does equal more $$$, so if they hang around long enough during a time period when the stock goes up, they can make a lot more income.

  • l3it3r

    Not as high as I was expecting. I’d have to go to school to take a pay cut.. :-/ I’ll stick with Information Assurance.

  • James G

    I don’t envy working there so much with those salaries; even for a Product Manager!

  • Does seem a bit normal for such a huge tech company.

  • beks

    If you’re in Apple Retail, The best places to work are in big high profile cities like New York, San Francisco, or Chicago. As a Family Room Specialist (the guys that do mobile device appointments only – no Macs), I was making almost 20% more than the nationwide average for a genius.

    The difference can get eaten up by the higher cost of living in these places, but I was going to school and living cheap at the time, so it ended up being the perfect place to work as a student and not be anywhere close to being broke.

    When looking at theses salaries, it should be noted that Apple retail employees (even part-timers) also get low-cost access to pretty good health insurance, a stock purchase plan, transit subsidies, and 401k matching.

  • perpetuallearner

    Seems they forgot AppleCare advisors (phone support). They never really say much about them :(.

    • David

      Those are all around the world and probably on a external payroll I think.. In Europe they are probably in Ireland and this paid on a local scale.

      • perpetuallearner

        You are right of course, many of them work for companies that have Apple as a client (outsourcing). However, a lot of them work directly for Apple, e.g. in Ireland and the USA.

  • TimM

    This is wrong. No one at the entry level Genius Bar is gonna. A&e over 20$ an hour.

  • John

    This information is incorrect and probably based out of glassdoor or something like that. If you search based on green cards and h1b where company needs to provide that information you will see much higher numbers.

  • Given that these jobs are all in the Bay Area, they really aren’t that great. They’re adequate for the cost of living, but hardly stellar. You have to be near the top of the chart to be truly comfortable.

  • David

    What about senior UI/UX/Interaction Designers? They should rank near the industrial designers I would expect.. But do they?