OS X Yosemite Public Beta 2 is now available



Apple has released the second public beta of OS X Yosemite to participants in its first ever open beta program for the desktop operating system that opened up last month.

The public release follows the sixth OS X Yosemite beta that was seeded to developers earlier this week, and also comes with an iTunes 12 update that can be downloaded through the Mac App Store.

Along with adding a bunch of new wallpapers in the sixth Yosemite beta, Apple redesigned the System Preferences icons and added Do Not Disturb mode back to the Notification Center, but those changes may not be included in the public beta release today.

OS X Yosemite is expected to be released to the public this fall with a host of new UI changes that bring it more inline with iOS 7’s style, along with new features like Dark Mode, improved spotlight, Handoff, and more.

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14 responses to “OS X Yosemite Public Beta 2 is now available”

  1. garrettchace says:

    My only question is this: why is the header image of this article an outdated MacBook Pro running Mavericks?

  2. Diamondaine says:

    Is there actually any difference between the public beta and the developer preview?

    • Lykoz says:

      Yes huge….. The developer preview was an earlier unstable incomplete version… An offering they only suggested ‘experienced developers/programers utilise… In the public beta they are trusting every day users to test with very limited knowledge… I am using it, and it seems pretty stable… I noticed some battery life issues… and some more that usual safari crashes… Also certain 2 3rd party apps from apple store are login in automatically even when disabled… Otherwise Ive found it pretty flawless… As they realease newer and newer beta versions, expect the stability/design/features to become more and more polished until you have the actual finished product…

      You should never install it on a business system you depend on, or to install on any system without backing up your Mac.. Or at least backing up your essential files…

      However at this point I will say it is pretty stable.. And I am enjoying my experience with Yosemite…

      Would be nice however if they told us whats in all the updates and what they are fixing each time…

  3. G. Pino says:

    “improved spotlight”, mine is not working after upgrading from beta 1

  4. Troy says:

    DND is there in public beta 2!

  5. RobG says:

    I’ve been using the first public beta on my laptop since it came out, and I’ve been extremely impressed with it. It’s not my only system; I have a Mac Mini with Mavericks for my daily use, but I’ve been able to work from the laptop when needed without issues. I’m downloading the Beta 2 right now… hurry up slow connection! :)

  6. Uri Goldberg says:

    Recommended update, very nice redesign

  7. Daniel says:

    i am glad that they fixed safari, so I can start typing url/search after opening a new tab with cmd+t. before I had to either click on the address bar or double tap shift

  8. drit i det says:

    Finally Safari places the cursor in the URL area when opening a new tab (cmd+t)

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