Side-by-side: The iPhone 6 vs. the Samsung Galaxy Alpha



Like most of Samsung’s products, the upcoming Galaxy Alpha is already getting a lot of flack amongst Apple fans for being a ripoff of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6.

Armed with his super-realistic 3-D render of what we believe the next iPhone will look like, our favorite Apple-obsessed conceptual modeler decided to put a render of the iPhone 6 next to a render of the Galaxy Alpha and see how similar they really were.

And how similar are they? You can judge for yourself after the jump, but in my opinion, up until now, the only thing Samsung hadn’t stolen from Apple for its Galaxy smartphones was the quality of materials used to manufacture them. Looks like even that’s not true anymore.












  • lowtolerance

    What is this fanboy garbage article? Those phones look almost nothing alike. Aside from the choice of materials(and let’s be real, Samsung is hardly the first to jump on board the aluminum train, nor should Apple have exclusive rights to this) and the position of the power button, there’s hardly any resemblance. If anything, it looks much more like a 5/5S than a 6.

    • Joe Brunet

      Relax Frodo or you are gonna get a heart attack

      • lowtolerance

        Fuck off troll

      • denis200812

        they should compare it with the unicorn too, because its just like the iPhone 6: we all seen pictures of it, but nobody seen the real one yet

    • C0C0tva

      Let me get this straight. You are getting bent out of shape over a “comparison” about two products in which one doesn’t even exist yet??

      • lowtolerance

        I didn’t write the article, and I didn’t really say anything to indicate that I am “bent out of shape” over it. I just said it was garbage, because it is. I get the sense that you’re just piggybacking on C0C0tva troll comment because you have nothing original to say.

      • C0C0tva

        I understand you didn’t write the article, I don’t believe I said that you did. I do believe you are the one who just went off about the content of said article and the comparison concerning one “fanboy” product that does not exist. Let’s see, you arguing about NONEXISTENT products….Me pointing out that you are getting worked up over NONEXISTENT products… You are absolutely right my friend with small amounts of tolerance, I am totally the dumbass. As a sidebar though, I would consider changing your login to lowonmeds, but that’s just a suggestion…

      • lowtolerance

        > I am totally the dumbass

        Glad we can agree on something.

        Maybe you are having a bad day or something, I don’t know, but you are picking the wrong battle. All I was doing was comparing the photos, I made no claim whatsoever on whether the iPhone 6 mockup was a real phone. Claiming otherwise makes you look like a damned fool.

  • Bangali

    er..most of these images have an iPhone 5S not a 6..?

  • Ian Moffatt

    When did the iPhone 6 come out? Oh it hasn’t has it? So you’re comparing a ‘3-D render of what we believe the next iPhone will look like’ against something that has been released. Why not wait until iPhone 6 is out then you can compare 2 real items?

    Don’t think they are that similar actually – plus that pretend iPhone has a wonky mute button.

  • Edicson Salazar

    No me parece y me parece mas bonito el alpha Samsung acertó con este diseño me encanta androide y Samsung

    • pazzo83

      A nadie le importa

  • Peacefulfella

    I don’t really see any big resemblance between both phones. Samsung copying the metal build from iphone? hahahaha what about Sony, LG, Nokia and many others? I’m not interested in this galaxy alpha but it looks better than the supposed Iphone 6. Samsung was the first one to introduce the phablet trend into the market, so is APPLE copying Samsung because of that?

  • TJ

    That chamfered edge on the Samsung looks NOTHING like the iPhone 5/5S chamfer. I mean it’s at 45.6° and the iPhone’s is at 45.2°. Jeez fanboys get over yourselves…

  • Kevin Coté

    This isn’t even an article, it’s just a bunch of pictures.

  • aromedia

    The Samsung Galaxy Alpha looks more like iphone 5s ripoff with its metallic frame. Also, have you notice that Alpha looks pretty much like Apple. Marketing…

    • mmm

      No it doesn’t, the reasons on y the edges are designed that way is so u can stand the phone up. Doesnt look that much like the 5s too ppl need to stop trippin both phones look great

    • Peacefulfella

      Nope. I do believe that with the iphone 6 APPLE is going to make it difficult for Samsung but as for the design, if that is iphone 6’s finally design then the Galaxy Alpha despite still having the plastic cover (which I wouldn’t mind at all) looks a lot better. iphone is getting really boring with its design by now though I have to accept is
      a really good phone and functionality should be what really matters.

  • Joe Dean

    Anyone else notice that the very first pic (rendering) of the iPhone 6 uses the curved edges, but the subsequent iPhone 6 pictures look exactly like the iPhone 5s? LOL

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      Yeah, I noticed that too.

  • SuperMatt

    Next on cult of Mac – Unicorn and Pegasus – Side-by-Side comparison!

    • denis200812

      damn, i wrote about the unicorn, and then i saw your post…i guess u beat me to it ;)

  • TeeJay1100

    Remind me again, How they look similar? What a bunch of crap!!

  • Kharn Kaluza

    That’s all good and well, but it’s still a samsung…

  • Jay

    Why are people so… ‘ugh’ about companies taking ideas from rivals? It happens in all walks of life and yet, it’s only with mobile phones that debates are constantly occurring. At one point or another, both companies have used ideas that the other has, so why not just buy the phone that you prefer rather than arguing about it?

    On a more personal note, I’ve always preferred the form of Apple products, but tend to end up opting for Android because I prefer it by far, so Samsung ‘copying’ Apple by making their phone look and feel a bit more premium, and using a smaller screen is a bonus for me.

  • HotelQuebec

    Verdict. iPhone 6 looks like Samsung’s pebble design Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Alpha looks more premium than current and future iPhones.

  • truthhurts

    Err what?? Is this guy serious? I mean how backward can you get it… Apple has made its phone look pretty much like the HTC or the Samsung style of phones… its so obvious.