Best Buy one-day sale shaves $75 off iPad Air



The Rumor: The iPad Air 2 will come with a new anti-reflection coating.

The Verdict: Too early to tell. Production is ramping up on the next gen iPads, and while Apple could use some whiz bang features to boost sales, making it slightly easier to read the iPad outdoors probably isn’t going to be enough on its own. Limited supplies might be available at launch, but with the 2014 holiday season zooming around the corner, you can bet Apple’s going to pump out enough reader-friendly iPads to make add a few more billion to its cash piles.

Apple’s annual refresh of the iPad lineup is less than two months away, but for those who don’t mind getting last year’s model, Best Buy is slashing $75 off the price of all iPad Air models, but sale will only last for 24-hours.

To clear out old iPad inventory, Best Buy is holding a one-day-only iPad Air sale that allows customers to walk away with a brand new 16GB WiFi-only iPad Air for only $425. If you’d prefer the option with LTE you can grab that for only $555.

To make the sale even better, Best Buy is letting students combine the $50 off discount on all iPad models it sells through its education site, with the $75 off one-day-sale, meaning you can get the baseline iPad Air for only $374.99 if you still have that old university ID laying around in drawer.

Other retailers like Staples and Target have discounted the iPad Air by $100 recently as well, but Target is only offering the discount in the form of a store gift card. Best Buy’s iPad Air deal can be had at retail locations nationwide, or from Best Buy’s online store which also offers free shipping on all iPad sales.