Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes to iTunes three weeks early



Apple’s iTunes store has increasingly become the place where today’s top blockbusters make their home debut, premiering on your iPhone, Mac, or Apple TV as much as a week before their DVD releases.

But with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Apple is getting one of its biggest jumps on the competition yet. The comic book political thriller is debuting on the iTunes Store three whole weeks before its Blu-Ray or DVD debut.

This isn’t the first time that Apple has gotten a Hollywood blockbuster weeks before its home release. When Star Trek Into Darkness came to home video last year, iTunes similarly got the exclusive three weeks ahead of time.

But Winter Soldier is actually a far better movie than Star Trek Into Darkness was. Perhaps best described as Marvel’s version of The Bourne Identity, it’s a taut, exciting comic book thriller with real stakes that I’d personally say is the best comic movie since The Dark Knight, and easily the best Marvel movie to date (yes, better than Iron Man, The Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy). If you like comics, or even just decent films, you should see this.

You can buy Captain America: The Winter Soldier now on iTunes for $19.99.

Source: iTunes

  • Bangali

    Sky store has it on rent. From yesterday..

  • Maneesh Pangasa

    This awesome super hero film is not exclusive to the iTunes Store as this article suggests but it is currently exclusive to digital film services in general ( iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play Movies & TV, Xbox Video etc) and won’t be available in physical formats like DVDs and high definition Blu Ray Discs at least for a few weeks.