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So you don't have to slog through a lake of reviews to find something you’re just going to put down after 10 minutes, Cult of Mac has waded through the iTunes Store to compile a list of the best new books, movies and music to come out this week.

This week we’ve been treated to an early release of Captain America the Winter Solider. We’ve also found some funky New Orleans rock for your earbuds, and a book about women soldiers that will change your outlook on the American war machine.


Benjamin Booker - Benjamin Booker

What it sounds like: Funky New Orleans style rock with a lot of fuzz.

Why you should listen to it: Like guitar? Like dancing? Booker’s got your covered on the same song, and he’s pretty much been nominated as the next big thing by Jack White.

iTunes - $9.99

The Magician’s Land, by Lev Grossman

What it’s about: Outcast magician Quentin Coldwater returns to the magical college of Brakebills in search of a way to return to the magical realm of Fillory that he once ruled.

Why you should read it: It’s the final book in the Magician’s trilogy by Lev Grossman which has been dubbed as one of the best fantasy series in modern times.

iTunes - $11.99

The Zero Theorem

What it’s about: A mad genius computer hacker whose life goal is to discover the real reason for human existence.

Why you should watch it: The zany futuristic thriller packs an all-star cast of Matt Damon, Tilda Swinton, and Christoph Waltz, who gives his best crazy man performance since Django Unchained.

iTunes - $9.99

Pallbearer - Foundations of Burden

What it sounds like: Vintage doom-metal.

Why you should listen to it: It’s got everything metal fans and non-metal fans could want: screaming vocals,catchy riffs, honey sweet hooks, bell chimes, and a psychedlic swagger that might just knock Mastodon off its perch as the best cross-over metal band.

iTunes - $8.99

Dear Committee Members, by Julie Schumacher

What it’s about: A down-on-his-luck college professor who can’t catch a break and uses letters of recommendations to divulge some of the most intimate moments of his life with uncomfortable honesty.

Why you should read it: The unique format of advancing the plot through recommendation letters will keep you laughing, thanks to the verbose but sympathetic voice Schumacher crafts for Professor Fitger.

iTunes - $11.99

Solider Girls, by Helen Thorpe

What it’s about: Three women deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, and how it affected their friendship, personal lives and family.

Why you should read it: America has been at war since 2001. With a sizable percentage of that military force being women, Solider Girls highlights the huge roles women play in the military, and the how profoundly the service changes their lives and ours.

iTunes - $12.99


The King of Comedy

What it’s about: After failing to get on a popular talk show, Robert De Niro’s needy, wannabe comedian character (Rupert Pupkin) will go to any length to regain the spotlight. Even kidnap himself if that’s what it takes.

Why you should watch it: It’s not new, but it's the one Martin Scorsese movie you’ve probably never watched, even though it’s one of his deepest darkest movies.

iTunes - $3.99

Captain America 2: Winter Soldier

What it’s about: Coming off the high of saving New York City from an alien invasion in The Avengers, Captain Steve Rogers takes on an assassin with a bionic arm (the Winter Soldier), while also investigating Hydra’s deep link to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Why you should watch it: The action packed Steve Rogers and Scarlett Johansson scenes are truly popcorn-worthy, but it’s Anthony Mackie and his role as Falcon that will keep you entertain throughout the whole movie.

iTunes - $19.99

Wiz Khalifa - Blacc Hollywood

What it sounds like: Another Wiz album rapping about the fast life, women, and the love of his life: dank weed.

Why you should listen to it: Wiz Khalifa seems to have peaked with his third album, and while Blacc Hollywood doesn’t push the envelope creatively, it’s pretty much the best new hip-hop album you’re going to find this week.

iTunes - $12.99

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