iPod engravings are nearly as obsolete as the device


Via Matt Gibson
Via Matt Gibson

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  • I honestly don’t think the iPod is going anywhere. They will probably just make less of them. People still want this device because not everyone wants an iPhone and the iPod is the next best thing. My suggestion would just be to make them from plastic like the 5C so they can be less expensive.

    • Stoker

      +1. I think iPods are great and I have found a lot of use for one in addition to an iPhone. Sometimes I want a knock around device or one that I can leave somewhere or hooked up to something.

  • The engravings are pointless on an iPod Touch because everyone buys a case. If you have pre-teen kids, an iPod touch lets them send texts, make facetime audio and video calls when at home or at relatives with wifi. No phone contract, plus camera, thousands of games, tv, music etc without the expense of an iPhone.

  • eggimage

    The engraving should go right across the center of the front panel.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    Apple can certainly afford to keep the iPod line going but I’d think it should be upgraded at least every two years so consumers would at least consider buying one for a gift or something. I don’t know what Apple should do with the Classic. I have a late model Classic and it’s fine for me. I don’t own an iPod Touch but it would seem to be long in the tooth as far as the processor is concerned for those interested in using it to play games. Maybe Apple needs to do a little better marketing of it to make it interesting but I guess Apple would rather sell iPhones due to the higher profit margins. The iPod Nano can remain as it is except to possibly update the OS for compatibility for newer Macs. It’s Apple’s show so they must be aware of what they need to do and they’re probably not concerned about the iPod line anymore.

  • Mark Langston

    It’s amazing that we can talk about the iPod as being “obsolete” and yet is commands more web traffic than Windows Phone and Blackberry… combined!!

    The fact that Apple can still sell an MP3 player in this day and age when almost no one else is a reminder Apple’s hardware prowess.

  • mythofechelon

    I generally advise against it because it hurts the resale value.

    • mythofaggotron

      You are 13. Shut up.

  • Steven Burgas

    WTF is this speculative nonsense you’ve posted?

    This site has taken a nosedive of late.

  • WardC

    If Apple made a super-lightweight plastic, durable iPod with a top-end camera and 256GB of flash RAM and lightning connector, and sold for about $299, I think they would sell some…the key is super lightweight, featherweight, ultra-durability…ie cannot smash, cannot shatter…much lighter than the current iPod Touch….and the other key is MASSIVE space like the original iPod, when 20GB was HUGE. Now 256GB is huge, and it is feasible….look how small PCIe blade Flash is.

    • Scott Lanham

      Agreed. At the very least they could have upgraded the iPod models to the A6 and kept the front and back cameras. If Apple would make a new iPod anywhere near the specs WardC suggests I would buy two in a heartbeat. The only additions I could to add to this list would be GPS and some waterproofing, which would make the iPod more viable to take with me on vacations.

  • DasCool

    If you’re listening to a lot of music iPod makes sense, unless you like scrambling for outlets to charge you phone or carry around a couple Mophie Juice cases

  • PTVMan

    We’re bored here at Cult of Mac, what nonsense can we right about to boost site traffic and click throughs?

  • robinbp

    i’m confused- i read the article and interpreted the anticipated demise of the ipod. not ipod touch, but the classic or video version (whatever you want to call it).
    Many people I know are using an ipod as their music provider powered into their home audio systems. What they like is the non-attention screaming smaller screen, battery life and simplicity with storage space for all those albums and podcasts.
    The ipod touch is going nowhere as it is still a popular and ‘essential’ item with the youth of today. Heck, parents are even buying them for 5 year olds (don’t get me started on my thoughts about this!) but and their connectivity sans contract make them ideal for the pre-teen in your family.
    I think it’s going nowhere but will stay and only needs a materials refresher so they can stand the 2 year time with younger users. I’d love an ipod touch that would last 5-7 years but being real, nothing is made to last and not be upgraded for that length of time anymore.
    oh and about engravings? I liked the sentiment of having the option but once you read the fine print about repairs and returns of an engraved device vs an unengraved… the choice is clear. don’t.

  • Seth

    There’s still a place for the Classic – unless Apple plans to issue one based on flash memory in 160GB capacity. I connect it to my Mac and let iTune’s fill ‘er up then it lives in my car and interacts with the infotainment system there. As for those 10GB white bricks: have two; one click wheel, one scroll wheel. Both still working; have had one battery replacement each since they were new. None were engraved.

  • B.I.G. Forever

    I still don’t understand why so many folks are calling for the death of the iPod Classic.

    How else shall I carry my ENTIRE music library, accumulated over 2 decades, in my pocket and STILL have the software to organize and catalog the content. Apple needs to understand the iPod Classic is important and should be updated with MORE memory and MORE functionality.

  • Can Poyrazoğlu

    I have an iPod touch 5th gen with an engraving. I use it more than my phone (Lumia 920). It’s an extremely cheap and a useful device for what it does.