Apple drops price of all Beats headphones by 10%



Apple finalized its $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics just a few weeks ago, but for those looking give their earbuds a taste of Beats, the Online Apple Store is making the over-priced cans a little bit cheaper.


Starting today, shoppers can score 10% off any of Beats’ on-ear or in-ear headphones and accessories. Pill and Pill XL speakers have also been reduced, but the USB Beatbox Portable Speaker and Beats Pull Dude were left out of the price cut.

Beats’ popular Studio headphones have been reduced from $299.95 to $269.95, while the smaller Solo2’s are now $179.95 (originally $199.95).

The price cuts aren’t exactly cause enough to send Beats fans running to Apple Stores in droves, but considering Apple rarely ever discounts its products, the small discount could provide a nice bump in sales during back-to-school shopping season.

  • TeeJay1100

    The price really needs to drop like 50% off.

    Apple/Beats are overrated and overpriced products!!

    • Ian Moffatt

      That would be beautiful – all those muppets that bought their expensive headphones now find that they’re half price.

    • 1manWarMachine

      Agreed. With that being said. Good luck

  • Dinalli

    Shame just in the US Store. No sign of a price drop on the UK Store, other retailers have had discounts on beats for a while.