Creative Sound Blaster Roar: a powerful Bluetooth speaker with five drivers and built-in subwoofer [Sponsored post]


  • BarryDwight

    How does it compare to the (gold standard) Bose mini soundlink? I read on amazon you can pair these Roars up 2x.. That’s a nice feature if true

    • MacAdvisor

      Who knows? This is an ad and Cult of Mac is being paid to say nice things.

    • Natalia Ginzburg

      The reviews seems pretty good for the roar, 414 5-star reviews! And it cost lesser than the bose soundlink mini .. .hmm.

  • MacAdvisor

    This is a “sponsored post.” That means it is nothing more than a paid ad. It isn’t reliable or objective information, but a sales job. There aren’t any honest comparisons, but just more ads cluttering up the real content. Bad enough there are so, so many ads on Cult of Mac these days, but to slip in even more ads masquerading as an actual story is just poor form. Shame on you, Cult of Mac. Your readers are better than this and deserve better from you.

  • Alex Kahney

    Sponsored posts on Cult of Mac are indeed “sponsored” by the advertiser but do not knowingly give wrongful information about the featured products.