Pokemon is coming to the iPad



Recently, a clever little Pokemon clone called Micromon shot to the top of the App Store bestseller list. If the success of Micromon proved anything, it’s that an official Pokemon game would be very well received if it came to the App Store.

If that’s something that appeals to you, good news. A version of the Pokemon online trading card game is coming to the iPad sometime soon.

The new Pokemon iPad game was being demoed at this weekend’s Pokemon World Championship in Washington, D.C. Already available for PC or Mac, this isn’t a Pokemon RPG, but rather a trading card game, similar to Magic: the Gathering.

While there are a few official Pokemon apps available for mobile devices, the Pokemon trading card game will mark the first time that an actual Pokemon game will come to Apple’s devices.

If you’re hoping that this marks the beginning of an era in which Nintendo games come to iOS, think again. Notice it’s not the Pokemon RPG we’re getting on iPad. That’s because Nintendo owns the rights to the Pokemon RPG, and they don’t want to release their games on iPhone or iPad. The trading card game, however, is owned by The Pokemon Company, which plays by different rules.

Source: Polygon

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