Last chance to get NoteBook 4 for Mac, Plasma Earbuds and Hotspot Shield Elite [Deals]



Whether at work or school, Notebook 4 is the easiest way to get more efficient. It gives you everything you need to stay ultra-organized, without nearly as much effort as taking notes with pen and paper.

NoteBook 4 stores your information in electronic notebooks that are just like the paper ones you’ve used all your life. Best of all, you can get NoteBook 4 now, but not for much longer, at Cult of Mac Deals for just $19.99!

With NoteBook 4 you can choose to type your notes uniformly or you can write in free form style anywhere on the page. It also has dividers, the ability to record meetings and lectures, a creative interface that organizes your work based on how your brain actually thinks, and an awesome search feature.

If getting organized is on your to-do list, don’t wait any longer. Get NoteBook 4 now, before it’s too late, for $19.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Ending soon: The Plasma Earphones

Sometimes you want to shut out the world around you and immerse yourself in the music you love. That can be hard to do without spending a wad of cash on some pricey headphones. Now, you can get The Plasma Earphones for only $11.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Yeah, that’s not a typo. The Plasma Earphones will prevent outside noises from disturbing your musical bliss. They’re comfort-fit and lightweight, feature a noise-cancelling outer shell, have a built-in remote, and all for a low low price that cannot be beat.

If outside noises are keeping you from enjoying your tunes, pick up The Plasma Headphones for just $11.99 at Cult of Mac Deals before they’re gone.

Ending soon: Hotspot Shield Elite

The internet is a valuable resource with which to conduct business, study, and play. While you are happily surfing the web, however, sinister elements await at every turn.

That’s why you need to protect yourself with the world’s most popular security, privacy, and access application: Hotspot Shield Elite.

Want to know why Hotspot Shield Elite is so popular? Hotspot Shield Elite protects your private information from hackers by making you completely anonymous and untraceable online. Plus, with an Elite subscription, you can activate up to five devices (PC, Mac, iOS, Android).

Protect yourself with a 2 year subscription to Hotspot Shield Elite, available now for a very limited time for only $39 at Cult of Mac Deals.