Apple adds some diversity to its executive leadership page



To go along with its Diversity week celebrations that have included Tim Cook taking an icy bath, Apple has added a little diversity to its executive leadership page today, by adding a new tier full of fresh faces.

The Apple executive profiles page has been expanded to include five of the most notable VPs at the mothership, including VP of Environmental Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, and Denise Young Smith who serves as VP of Worldwide Human Resources and the narrator of Apple’s new Diversity video.

Lisa Jackson has been tasked with minimizing Apple’s impact on the environment as VP of Environmental Initiatives since 2013 after she served as administer of the EPA for four years. Denise Young Smith has been with Apple the longest of the new face. She joined the company in 1997 served on the leadership team that built Apple’s retail empire.

Apple also added spots for Paul Deneve, Johnny Srougi, and the Dean of Apple University, Joel Podolny. Deneve joined Apple in 2013 after serving as CEO of fashion house Saint Laurent Paris (YSL). It’s been rumored that Deneve was brought on to help with the iWatch. His official title is VP of special projects at Apple, reporting to Tim Cook.

Johny Sroiji, VP of Hardware Technologies, is probably the least well known of the new faces. He’s been with Apple since 2008 and was put in charge of developing the A4 processor. Sroiji now serves as Apple’s silicone wizard, overseeing all custom architecture and development.