Angry Apple tells Thai officials next phone may not be called ‘iPhone 6’



Apple is livid that a Thai government official spilled the beans on its pending launch of two new iPhone models and requested a meeting with officials at the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) to talk about a little thing called doubling down on secrecy.

Reports from Thailand indicate Apple’s top exec from South Asia met with NBTC secretary Takorn Tantasith to discuss his uncharacteristic disclosure of the two iPhone 6 models, but also told him Apple might not even name their next smartphone “iPhone 6.”

Takorn tweeted earlier this week that the government approved two “iPhone 6” models, A1586 and A1524, for importing into Thailand, and while his tweet didn’t contain any other details about the handsets, just revealing the product name and model numbers was enough kindle the anger of Apple.

As translated by a MacRumors reader, here’s what Apple told Takorn:

“Mr. Takorn said that representatives from Apple South Asia from the Singapore HQ arrived to “have a chat” with him and clarified that the 2 phone models may not use the name “iPhone 6” to market and the company want to make sure that the NBTC understands this fact… Apple also reassured the NBTC that this “leak” has no effect in Apple’s plan to launch and sell the iPhone in Thailand.

Apple told NBTC officials that the public announcement revealed confidential information, while NBTC countered that the announcement was merely a protocol to protect consumer’s rights.

Previous rumors have claimed the 5.5-inch iPhone will be named the iPhone Air, but there has been no indication that Apple will ditch its numerical suffixes on the standard iPhone until now. The iPhone 6 is expected to be announced on September 9th, and along with a new name, it’s also rumored to sport an A8 processor, better camera with digital image stabilization, sapphire display, and a new payments feature.

Source: ThaiRath

  • Jason Thomas Viglione

    New payments feature. NFC? That’s one of those things that I’ll have to see to believe.

  • fizdog

    If it’s nfc yawn Android phones had it for yrs

    • JeffThra5her

      Yeah but it won’t be relevant until Apple does it.

    • Ulysses Grant

      Even old blackberries have NFC.

    • RoboDad3000

      If it’s yet another insecure Android fanboy trolling another Apple article, yawn. Same old boring trolls.

      Maybe you should actually try enjoying YOUR phone without worrying so much about what OTHER people use.

  • WardC

    No it’s going to be the “iPhone Air” and the “iPhone Pro” — but everybody knew that months ago, right? The number 6 has such negative connotations…the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6…

  • TeeJay1100

    I don’t care what they call it. I want to see if Apple will try to gouge us consumers with a ridiculous price increase.

    • aaloo

      Market economics determine the price of an iphone. Apple is not a charity. If they can sell record numbers at these prices, why should they lower the price. They would not be able to meet demand at lower price points anyway. It’s simple; if someone doesn’t think an iphone is worth the price apple is asking for, then don’t buy it. Apple’s goal is not to make sure that everyone who wants to have an iphone is able to acquire it at the price they want.

      • TeeJay1100

        You are absolutely right!!!

      • aaloo


  • aaloo

    Maybe apple wasn’t planning on releasing two models simultaneously. If let’s say the 4.7inch model comes out first, then people may hold off purchasing it till they see the 5.5inch model. So this announcement could hurt apple in theory. Obviously, it’s all conjecture on my part.

  • lucascott

    i really doubt that angry and livid are actually the case.

    My guess is that they were mildly annoyed because they don’t want to have a hornets nest stirred up at least in Thailand when they change the name and folks don’t get that there is no ‘iPhone 6’ cause they aren’t calling it that but that the iPhone S and C, are ‘the 6’. they would want to be certain that regardless of name and/or model number they have clearance for what is released so there is no claim of violation

  • TheChorrecter

    why would they call it the iPhone 6 when (including the 5c) its the 9th iPhone model

    1) iPhone

    2) iPhone 3G

    3) iPhone 3GS

    4) iPhone 4

    5) iPhone 4S

    6) iPhone 5

    7) iPhone 5S

    8) iPhone 5C

    • :)

      Because they only went with “+1” when the iPhone 4 came out.

      iPhone 2G (2G connectivity)
      iPhone 3G (3G connectivity)
      iPhone 3GS (Speed)
      iPhone 4 (+1, new design)
      iPhone 4s (Siri)
      iPhone 5 (+1, new design)
      iPhone 5s (?, same design)
      iPhone 5c (Color, iPhone 5 hw with new coating)
      iPhone 6 (+1, new design)

      • TheChorrecter

        The 2G wasnt officially called the 2G though. There was no other iPhone at the time to require differentiation, the nickname 2G came after the 3G. Also there really is no 2G connectivity, Edge is almost 2x the speed of GPRS, hence the nickname 2G, but it really isnt 2G.

      • :)

        EDGE falls under the banner of 2G. You could call it 2.75G, but it’s still 2G.

      • TheChorrecter

        You have to admit apple’s ios naming system is kinda dumb though

      • :)

        Yeah, but I still prefer it to any of the competition :p

      • TheChorrecter


  • xxmixedxtapexx

    If they keep the iPhone 5s screen size with the next gen my suggestion would be to name the 4in screen the “iPhone Mini,” 4.7in the “iPhone Air” and the 5.5in the “iPhone Pro”