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Publish photos to Instagram stored on your Mac using Younity



One sad limitation of Instagram is you can’t post photos to the service from your Mac, only your iPhone. It’s by design, of course — Instagram wants to be a more spontaneous photo hosting service than the likes of Flickr — but it can make things annoying when you want to give a more polished shot the Instagram treatment.

Things are about to get a little easier. You still can’t post photos directly from your Mac, but you can make it easier to get them on your iPhone or iPad. Younity, a service that gives you access to your computer’s files through a personal cloud with no syncing necessary, has just added support for publishing Instagram files directly from the service.

Here’s how it works. Replacing the “time-consuming process of getting a photo onto the mobile device before finally being able to publish it,” once Younity is installed on your computer, it will scan your disk for all your media and make them available to you… sort of like iCloud, but for everything.

Using Younity on your mobile device, you can now easily access your Mac or PC’s photos, and then publish them directly to Instagram with just a tap. Once you resize the photo, the Younity app will push the image to Instagram, allowing you to apply filters and add comments before posting.

Unlike Dropbox, Younity doesn’t sync your files with a server, so to access your computer’s media, your Mac or PC needs to be on and have access to an internet connection. But if you happen to have a Mac that’s always on anyway and a fast pipe, Younity seems to be a killer service.

Download Younity for Mac and iOS here.