Alleged killer asked Siri where to stash body


Siri's usefulness has stood the test of time, but can 3D Touch?
Photo: Apple

A Florida man accused of killing his roommate allegedly asked Siri to help him find a hiding place for the body.

“I need to hide my roommate,” 20-year-old Pedro Bravo told Apple’s virtual assistant on the day Christian Aguilar was kidnapped and strangled in September 2012.

When Siri made its debut on the iPhone 4s in October 2011, answering “where can I hide a body?” was one of its most famous jokes. But while the vast majority of us only ever used it to humor our friends, it’s thought Pedro Bravo used it in earnest.

Bravo went with Aguilar to Best Buy to buy a CD and the pair began arguing over Bravo’s ex-girlfriend, The Independent reports. Bravo admits that he beat Aguilar that night, but he denies murder, despite evidence that suggests Aguilar was strangled before his body was buried in a nearby forest.

Bravo was charged with murder on September 28, 2012, four weeks before Aguilar’s body was found. Data collected from his phone indicates he used the flashlight function nine times between 11:31 p.m. and 12:01 a.m. on the day Aguilar disappeared, police say. He also told Siri, “I need to hide my roommate.”

If that wasn’t enough, the location data recorded by Bravo’s phone that night doesn’t match up with his alibi, but his lawyer claims someone else may have been using his phone.

Source: The Independent

  • D R

    Real reporters noted the suspect had an iPhone 4, which does not support Siri.

    And the actual evidence is not a Siri request, but a screen shot of a siri request that somebody else made and he downloaded to his phone.

  • Drefson

    Here is a video of the actual question to Siri. You have to watch all the way to the end.

  • Kr00

    Watching one episode of Dexter would’ve been enough to get you there.

  • Christopher Leandro Trauco

    What concerns me here, is not the murder, but the fact that iPhone’s record such simple things as the number of times the flashlight was used…

    • I can guarantee an android device records everything too since its run by that search engine company that wants to know everything. Probably down to how many times you press the lock/power switch to check the time.

    • Jeremiah_Nilsson

      It is not really that it “records it” like it was something precious.
      More like there is a “system.log” (like in any computer with a modern OS) that says “date time /lamp/ state=on” or similar.
      Check the system.log on your computer and you will be amazed…

      If you go for a saturday night killing…leave ANY phone at home.