Survey suggests iPhone 6 could be Apple’s most desired handset yet


Photo:  Thomas Moyano and Nicolas Aichino
Photo: Thomas Moyano and Nicolas Aichino

The idea that the forthcoming iPhone 6 (expected to be unveiled September 9) is the most anticipated refresh of Apple’s smartphone in ages was given further credibility by a recent survey by financial firm R.W. Baird.

Quizzing 1,000 residents surveyed in July, 6.8 percent of respondees said that they planned to buy the iPhone 6 without ever having laid eyes on it. This number is up from the 4.4 percent who answered that same way back in February.

The firm also notes that this intent to purchase is higher than the number of people who said they would buy the iPhone 5s after it had already been announced.

“Although we expect a strong purchase cycle for the iPhone 6, we acknowledge that relatively small variations in our surveys could fall within the normal margin of error, but nevertheless view the early interest positively,” writes J.W. Baird analyst William Power. “We suspect the interest could rise higher following the device unveiling in September.”

The highest percentage of respondees (34.4 percent) who said they planned to snap up the new iPhone already own an iPhone, while users with newer iPhones are also the most likely to upgrade.

While we won’t know for sure how the iPhone 6 does until it lands, Apple is certainly projecting big things: According to Taiwan’s Business Weekly, Apple has ordered at least 68 million units of the new handsets. If true, this is twice as large as the order Apple placed for the iPhone 5.

Source: Barrons
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  • JustReboot

    I’m in the minority here/ I have an available upgrade (since July). I currently have the 5s, and ‘most likely’ will get the 6 (4.7″). Funny thing is I REALLY wish they kept the 4″ form factor. I already got the case I pre-ordered from Spigen. Based on the case I received, the 6 just seems just too big (about the size of my wife’s S5). I imagine I can get used to it. The funny thing is I came from the Android scene to the iPhone to get a smaller phone. I’ll wait another month, but depending on what I see, and how much smoother/faster the OS is, I may end up going back to Android (S5) or just keeping the 5s and waiting for the iPhone 7 (or whatever it’s going to be called).

    • Grunt_at_the_Point

      Well, those of us whose age is north of 50 need the larger screen.

      • JustReboot

        I’m there with ya pal :) I just like the pocketability/portability, but we’ll see it may not be too bad, I’ve been using the Spigen as a prop to try and get used to the size.

      • observer1959

        I’m 54 and hold my 5s landscape position 90% of the time to read and type. The length (power button to cable hole) of the phone is just right but I would like it slightly wider so I don’t have to scroll so much. It has to fit into my dress shirt pocket. I hate to looks of those giant phones.

  • Texas Jack

    In short, Samsung has rung their bell with the larger screens…

    • Eric Seaberg

      DING GONG, THE WITCH IS DEAD! (I’m feeling better….)

    • lucascott

      perhaps. Or perhaps Samsung is the only one that needs a larger screen.

      some 70 folks from this survey say they are going to buy the iPhone regardless of the truth of the rumors or because they believe the rumors to be true. detail we don’t know. of those, how many were asked if they would still buy if the rumors are not true and the next iPhone is exactly the same size and shape as the current. question likely wasn’t asked.

      at the same time, lets see what is announced and what is bought.

  • lucascott

    1000 people. not even close to a valid sampling when you consider there are millions of folks using any iPhone at this point, much less a cell phone or smart phone in general

    • jjredfish

      That is more than enough, from a statistical point of view, with a relatively small margin of error.