Oculus Rift SDK finally adds support for OS X


Sergey Orlovskiy tests Oculus Rift.
Sergey Orlovskiy tests Oculus Rift.
Photo: Sergey Galyonkin/Wikipedia CC

Oculus Rift headsets might become the next big thing of the future, so to make it easier for Mac developers to actually get their apps onto Rift, Oculus is finally making it possible to compile Rift-compatible apps on a Mac.

Today Oculus announced that it has added OS X support to its newly released Oculus SDK 0.4.1 beta. The next-gen virtual reality headset has supported gaming on the Mac for quite some time now, but the update finally makes it possible for developers to build on app on a Mac, rather than being forced to use a Windows machine instead.

Oculus notes that Mac users will run into two known issues in the 0.4.1 SDK, one of which requires a manual restart after updating firmware on MAC OVR Service, and the other is a high latency issue with the Unity app on Mac that results in a slightly “swimmy” display.

Versions of Oculus Runtime and Unity Tuscany Demo for Mac are also available. Developers can download the new SDK for free by heading to the download section of the Oculus VR Developer Center.

Via: RoadtoVR

  • Simon Edis

    Unity games seem to work fine with the DK2 0.4.1 on my Retina MacBookPro. I just updated our Unity game “Space Marine Boot Camp” to 0.4.1, here’s the link to give it a try: http://goo.gl/52yog2