How to turn your Mac’s trackpad into the ultimate timesaver



Mac are incredibly complex machines, but thanks to Jony Ive and the rest of the creators, they’re also incredibly simple to use. Mose Mac users know to use keyboard shortcuts to make daily tasks even quicker, but not many know how to turn your Mac’s trackpad into one of the best time-saving tools you’ll ever use.

In today’s video, we’ll take a look at a little known feature called Hot Corners. We’ll teach you how to set them up and how to use them. How to Put your display to sleep, clear your desktop and do even more useful actions, now with just a few quick flicks.

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  • herbaled

    I love Hot Corners and am surprised so few people know of it, and thus never use it.

    Meanwhile I hate track pads. I know lots of people use it but I can’t. I can manipulate, right-click, etc. so much faster and accurately with my wireless Magic Mouse, and have many more options as to where I want to place and use it. Each to his/her own, but you’ll have to pry my Magic Mouse of of my dead cold fingers.

    • Adrayven

      Trackpads are a pain sometimes.. but Apple, by far, has one of the best on the market and I greatly appreciate it’s multi-touch features. I use mine a lot for sliding between desktops, showing all windows/apps running, etc. I still use mouse for more fine work though..

  • Does this work on the MagicPad?

    • Joshua Smith

      Yeah, it does. Thanks for watching by the way!

  • dcj001

    “How to turn your Mac’s trackpad into the ultimate timesaver”

    This is not a trackpad-specific tip, Joshua. Mice can make these settings as well. The title of the article is misleading.

    • Joshua Smith

      Hey @dcj001 first and foremost thanks for checking out the video, I appreciate your support! While my initial target for the video was specific from my use with the trackpad (my macbook’s mouse) it’s true it works for mice in general. Thanks for your feedback and for viewing once again!

  • 2oh1

    Here’s a much better idea: get the free BetterTouchTool app and program your trackpad to do whatever you want. I have mine set up so that three finger swipes left and right switch tabs to the left or right. Three finger swipe up takes me to the bottom of a page (flinging the page up). Three finger swipe down takes me to the top. I use all kinds of custom gestures with my trackpad thanks to BetterTouchTool. I also use that app for custom keyboard hotkeys as well as reprogramming my Apple remote.

  • Whocares

    This is where Mac leaves PC in the dirts. I used PC for over 20 years and when I bought my first Mac in 2011, I retired all PCs.