Ex-Apple executive says the App Store should be more like Reddit


iOS App Store.
iOS App Store.
  • Windlasher

    Because its worked so well for Google Play Store then right? Self policing a blog site is one thing. Self policing a major source of income is quite another. Where there is money involved people tend to get greedy and morals can go by the wayside. This kind of thinking is one of the major reasons Gassée doesn’t live there anymore.

  • JeZal Daliuz

    I once had arguments with some mods in a reddit sub. From that moment, they’ve never let me post anything in any sub that they or their friends are mods. Imagine if this thing happened with the App Store. You wouldn’t be able to release any apps if some of them didn’t like you. Worst nightmare ever for a developer!

  • sigzero

    No, that is a awful idea.

  • Horrible idea. The App Store will end up just like Digg and Reddit… gamed, and completely run by a few prolific trolls who decide what apps get promoted and when.

  • digitaldumdum

    “Make the App Store more like Reddit. Let anonymous humans curate it.”

    Oh jeeeeez. And •this•, among a slew of other bonehead ideas and remarks, is why Gassée is an Apple Ex-Exec.

  • Good for Jean-Louis Gassée. The store is beneath a disaster. I produce travel/tour aps for the iPad.. (www.MuseumPlanet.com). My 30 apps (each app better than any book) produced far less than $100.00 last week. What’s new. No one except a few gamers is making money. Apple has blown the entire app universe what with free craplets and junk advertorials apps. Good luck. Cause sooner or later this will come back to haunt the great Apple which listens to no one. But in the meantime the legit app makers are dying. Apple just had a header on their info page about what happens when a maker delete an app. The fall and decline is coming soon unless the Titanic changes its course. Quote me.

  • Ron Hawkins

    Tired of hearing from Gassée! He is so ex-Apple so long ago, his opinion is of marginal value. Same goes for Woz!

  • Jean-Louis Gassée

    I didn’t say “anonymous”. But thanks for picking up the latest Monday Note. Two things can make my suggestion work: Trust, an App Store Guide written by a group/organization with a clean/clera agenda of helping customers navigate the jungle; and clear, opinionated – this app works for this but not for that – writing.
    Organizing by sections isn’t hard. Nor is feeding the Guide week after week, and writing one weekly blog post.

    • unfortunately, curation is far from enough…what the app store needs is a lot more complex: it needs personalization. and it needs search to work. and top categories to either go away or be based on something else than download velocity

      • Carlos

        Right. App Store needs BigData, NoSQL pattern matching and trend analysis of how people feel and flock to applications. Solr search and analytic output of what works and what is crap. Which app can be recommended, which not and why. Even some basic star symbols at first, that get analyzed and validated at recheck-use check. Users can get their money back if their honest report is voted up, etc…

    • BonzaiThePenguin

      You said “unnamed”, which is a synonym for “anonymous”.

    • James Gunaca

      Do you care to explain how this differs from the type of categorization and Spotlights that occur frequently in the app store already?

  • Carlos

    Sounds like Katie Cotton is a real Douchebag. I offered her a drink once, in a San Jose Hotel Bar and she opted for Vinegar&Water….. figures..