UK tabloid publishes fake looking pics of the iPhone 6 in retail box



Over the weekend, UK newspaper The Mirror published a series of photos which they claim is a working unit of Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone 6, complete with retail box.

“There’s no 100% proof that the photos are authentic, but the details on show line up with the dozens of details already seeping onto the web about the next generation Apple handset,” the paper said.

Saying that the photos may not be 100% authentic is quite the overstatement. In fact, considering the fact that iOS 8’s biggest new app — Healthbook — is entirely missing from the screen, we’re going to say we’re about 100% sure that The Mirror got had.

More photos after the jump. What do you think?




Source: Mirror

Via: Techradar

  • Adrayven

    SEE! That FAKE phone face plate looks JUST like the leak this morning.. I bet some gullible newb got a their hands on the FAKE faceplate to this phone.. and of course, CoM and AI post it as REAL news.. pffff

    • tHoj101

      Did you read the article? Or the title for that matter?

  • Adrayven

    There are fake china phones out there that boot with Apple logo.. we just last week had someone post a review on it… idiots.. Running android that is HEAVILY skinned with Apple iOS 8 look-alike UI

  • Tanner Battles

    Well seeming as this has the same photo of the iPhone on the front of the box as last year’s, and this year’s phone is getting a new form factor, I highly doubt they wouldn’t have some kind of angled shot to show the new body and thinness.

  • Morekop

    A golden box with a silver iPhone in it?….Yeah right

  • Balcis

    the background wallpaper is white iphone 5c’s wallpaper, careful.

  • Alif

    The box is absolutely fake, this is the box of Goophone i6! I saw a video of tldtoday, fake iphone 6 unboxing, it was same box as this photo. Every leak,rumour is fake, everthing will be real in September 9.

  • digitaldumdum

    “UK tabloid publishes fake looking pics of the iPhone 6 in retail box”

    Fake-looking pics? C’mon, Cult. We don’t want fake-“looking” pics. We want the indisputably •real• fake photos of the unreleased iPhone.

    • Vetle andre

      might be, but healtbook

  • Whocares

    Iphone 5S box photoshopped…sht

  • Miguel Ayala™ 

    Emm.. if the screen is bigger, shouldn’t it fit more apps in a row? Just saying…

  • Miguel Ayala™ 

    In other news… “healthbook”? really?