Get rid of duplicate and untitled iTunes files and save 60% with TuneUp [Deals]



For music enthusiasts, there’s no audio organization software quite like iTunes. Still, unless you continually spend hours upon hours going through all of your ripped and downloaded music with a fine toothed comb, your iTunes is probably a mess. Enter TuneUp to save your iTunes day!

TuneUp is a nifty little piece of software that reorganizes your iTunes by getting rid of duplicate files, cleaning up your untitled tracks, and filling in missing album cover artwork! What’s more, you can get TuneUp working for you for just $19.95, that’s 60% off, at Cult of Mac Deals.

Yep, now you can say goodbye to the clutter in your iTunes for less than 20 bucks. TuneUp works on both Mac and PC and it’s top features include:

  • Clean: Accurately fixes mislabeled or missing song information.
  • Cover Art: Scans your entire music collection in seconds fills in missing album artwork.
  • DeDuper: Intelligently finds and removes duplicate music files, freeing up hard drive space and saving you a headache.
  • Tuniverse: Delivers music videos, artist bios, concert alerts, social network integration and more.

Read more about the deal, including hardware requirements, software license details, and terms and conditions here.

Listening to your favourite music shouldn’t be a headache. Clean up your iTunes with TuneUp for 60% off, just $19.99, at Cult of Mac Deals today.

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  • Windlasher

    Not a bad product. The current version of TunUp works well. They were forced to pull 3.0 and revert back to the older one because it was absolutely horrible and pretty much didn’t work at all.

    That said, it also hasn’t been updated in years so it looks like you are essentially buying a STATIC product. Also if you have a large music library, you had better have a fast (and by fast, I mean REALLY fast) machine or be prepared to wait, and wait, and wait.

    • Windlasher

      UPDATE: Apparently the original owners are back and the new ones are out. They say to upgrade to 2.4.8 so I am going to try it.

      Whatever you do DO NOT upgrade to 3.0

  • Wirehedd

    I purchased this app a few months ago as a part of a bundle and was very enthused about it at first. Boy, did that change quickly.

    It does NOT get all the artwork accurately. It does NOT clean up all the dupes properly and it doesn’t do ANY of it properly unless you sit there and manually guide it through just about everything. If you don’t you’ll come back to a list of albums that have no songs, wrong artwork and in some cases your music will simply be deleted from your system altogether.

    This software has some really, REALLY good ideas but the implementation simply does NOT work in the way they claim. The fact that it also slows your system down to a degree of being utterly unusable is another problem. I finally had to disable and delete this app and since then my system is back to full speed, my iTunes isn’t a dog’s breakfast of a mess and I can actually keep my music where I put it without worrying this app is going to screw it up so bad as to make my songs just vanish.

    Great idea but needs a LOT of improvements and WAAAAAY more testing before it should be released to anyone but beta testers.

    just a note: i5 Macbook pro with 8GB RAM and 1TB hybrid drive so it’s not a “slow” machine.

    • Wirehedd

      PS: I would REALLY like to get my money back for this as I feel it was a total waste of cash and I don’t understand why the incompetent developer gets to keep my hard earned money when he didn’t earn it.

  • Cobra611

    I have the same problem this product. In fact, I got so fed up I uninstalled it. My library only has about 12,000 songs and before I purchased this product, I had gone through and updated album myself. Then I ran this and everything got screwed up…lost album art, song titles missing…it was a mess!!

  • SteveGsays

    Totally agree with the other comments. I bought this months ago in the hope that it would sort missing artwork and duplicates. Instead I spent the next weekend sorting the mess it had made of nearly every album in my iTunes collection. AVOID!

  • Nick_Germ

    TERRIBLE, DO Not Get this. I tried tune up, and i totally regretted it. Screwed up my entire library. It would turn one album into three albums, all name the same but with tiny differences.
    If you do buy this give it to someone you don’t like their entire library will be messed up