iTunes adds Family Sharing info to app details



Apple is bringing some much needed relief to your wallet with the addition of iOS 8’s new Family Sharing feature that lets your friends and family enjoy the apps you’ve paid for without purchasing them again, and to make it clear which apps support the new feature, Apple has added some extra info in iTunes and the App Store.

Family Sharing allows iOS users to choose six people to share photos, calendars, and locations along with iTunes content like songs, books, movies and apps.  Apple has been urging developers to opt-in to the new program ever since it was revealed at WWDC, but developers still have the option to keep past purchases out of the program.

Under the Information section for each app Apple has added a new Family Sharing line listing whether an app is compatible with the new feature, as well as letting you know which purchases are shareable.

Apps whose developers have activated Family Sharing now display “Yes” under the new section. Any apps that don’t support Family Sharing note that the feature is “Not Available.” Developers can also choose a cutoff date that makes purchases shareable, like in the case of Afterlight, which has activated Family Sharing, but only for purchases made after June 25th, 2014.

Via: iFun

  • CyborgOne

    Whoa whoa whoa… I thought the whole point of Family Sharing was to make it easier to share ALL of your Store content. But the reality is that we’ll have to deal with segregated divisions of apps, and look to yet another attribute to try and determine why something isn’t syncing correctly?

    What happened to the famed “Apple simplicity” with this effort?

    • itpromike

      Huh? So you’d rather Apple force developers to do something that could impact their sales? Apple is not the police in this way, forcing developers on how they distribute their product is a bad role to step into.

      • Mystakill

        The alternative is that people continue to do what they’re currently doing to share apps among family members. Just make the primary Apple ID on the device yours, and that user now has access to all of your apps. You can setup FaceTime, Messages, and Game Center with their accounts, and add their iCloud account for mail and contacts. Not the best or easiest way, but it’s been working fine that way for years.