Design killer iOS 8 apps with Xcode course and assets at a combined 80% off! [Deals]


CoM_Mammoth Xcode

Creating iOS applications for your business or project is a smart thing to do. Really smart. Some don’t do it, however, because it’s either too expensive or too time intensive.

If you want to get into designing iOS apps, then check out Cult of Mac Deals today. They have three deals on now for a combined 80% off that’ll give you the tools needed to design killer apps. What’s better, they’ll make designing iOS apps easier and will save you cash!

The Mammoth Xcode & Swift Developer Bundle

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur or just a Joe Average who wants to learn how to make iOS apps. The Mammoth Xcode & Swift Developer Bundle is the ultimate course to teach the beginner how to make killer iOS apps.

You will produce 20 App Store-ready apps for iOS 7 and 20 apps for iOS 8, all while learning application development skills. You’ll learn every step in the process from design, to coding, to uploading to the App store! Read up on all this deal has to offer here.

Learn to create awesome apps with The Mammoth Xcode & Swift Developer Bundle, just $89 at Cult of Mac Deals.

The 8 For 8 Design Bundle: 8 UI Kits For iOS 8


Designing iOS apps is a rewarding experience, if not insanely time consuming. Time is money and, even though you may have a great idea for an iOS 8 app, you don’t necessarily have the time to create the numerous user interface elements you’ll need to make it work.

The 8 For 8 Design Bundle is a kit of more than 700 handcrafted, unique UI elements that were designed to meet exacting Apple Human Interface Guidelines for iOS apps. Not only that, but they’re all optimized and updated for iOS 8, and are ready for you to use – including examples of the newest iOS 8 features, like widgets and updated keyboards. Check out the all the details here.

You can make functional iOS 8 apps. Now you can make them look stunning with The 8 For 8 Design Bundle: 8 UI Kids For iOS 8 for only $24.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Retina Icons: 1350+ Vector Icons For iOS 8 & iOS 7


You know the saying “don’t work harder, work smarter”? That’s what the Retina Icons deal is all about. Why waste your precious time designing icons from scratch, when you can just purchase over 1,350 icons that’ll suit pretty well any situation for just $29?

That’s why Cult of Mac Deals is bringing you 1350+ Retina Icons for iOS 7 & iOS 8. They’re designed following Apple’s iOS 7 guidelines. Plus, they’re ready for Xcode, scalable and easy to work with.

You’ll get over 1350 icons in 26 categories and receive updates until the collection hits 3000 icons! You can read up on all this deal has to offer here.

If that’s not working smarter, then we don’t know what is. Pick up Retina Icons for just $29 at Cult of Mac Deals.

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