Crystal Baller: The iPhablet gets super powers and 8 other wild Apple rumors



The Rumor: NFC will be on the iPhone 6, but not Sapphire crystal glass.

The Verdict: Not a chance. VentureBeat has launched a few crappy Apple rumors that have been shot down, the latest of which echoes reports that the iPhone will have a 2.0GHz processor and faster Wi-Fi, but also claims NFC is coming, and we all know that just ain’t going to happen.

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  • Jim

    If you can’t get all day battery life out of your iPhone 5s, then seriously, you are on your phone too much. Look up at the world around you! Don’t get hit by a car crossing the street! I regularly get 2 full days out of my iPhone, but if I do use it a lot, I’ve never not made it a full day. That being said, I still think it should have more battery life, just because everything should get better as we move forward… but regardless, using your phone that much; people are ruining their eyes.

    • Germán Villacreces

      Dude.. 2 full days?? if your battery lasts that long you are probably not using your iPhone right. Start using it more, there is an entire world that you can access right at your fingertips.. or just get one of those old Nokia cellphones, if you are only making calls and texting :)

  • John R. Peters Jr.

    I’m willing to bet that their will be NFC in the new iPhone. You say not a chance, but 3 months ago you would have said not a chance to Apple allowing third party keyboards as well.