Crystal Baller: The iPhablet gets super powers and 8 other wild Apple rumors



This week’s Apple rumors are crazy for the iPhone 6

The official unveiling of the iPhone 6 could be as little as a month away and the rumor mill is going absolutely crazy for Apple’s next handset.

Once again, we’re donning our finest gypsy apparel and stepping behind the crystal ball to divine the truth behind this week’s most plausible and impossible rumors to see if Siri really is coming to the Mac, whether the iPhone 6 will have a protruding camera, and if it’s true that WWDC 2015 has already been scheduled.

Come see which rumors are guaranteed to materialize and which are about to vanish like ghosts. Stare into our crystal ball to see past the rumors and into the future…

5.5-inch iPhone 6 will be extra powerful

The Rumor: The 5.5-inch iPhone will feature a more powerful processor.

The Verdict: Signs are mixed. Cowen & Co. analyst Timothy Arcuri says his supply chain sources have told him the 5.5-inch iPhone will be the most powerful iPhone ever. Timothy’s not too sure how Apple will do it, he just swears it’s going to happen based on the makeup of leaked components.

A faster A8 chip on the iPhablet is well within reach. Apple could easily clock the A8 chip to run faster than on the 4.7-inch unit like it did last year with the iPad Air and iPad mini, but we would love if they managed to slap a dedicated GPU in there for even better graphics.

Meet the iPhone 6 on Sept. 9th


The Rumor: The iPhone 6 will be announced on September 9th.

The Verdict: Circle your calendars friends. The Recode team has an impeccable record with Apple rumors and Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal are backing them on this. When Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher or any of their cohorts toss out a rumored Apple event data, you can pretty much view it as an announcement straight from the mothership.

WWDC 2015 is on the calendar

The Rumor: WWDC 2015 will be held from June 8-12.

The Verdict: Looks promising. Fanboys are already demanding more time with Hair Force One and after digging through the Moscone Center’s 2015 calendar, it appears that a full week has already been reserved for a “Corporate Event.” Apple is always discreet when booking the Moscone Center or Yerba Buena and the dates match up with Apple’s usual WWDC schedule. Given that we’re nearly an entire year away from the event though, it could be just as likely that spot on the calendar has been reserved by another company.

iPad Air 2 leaks

The Rumor: This is the iPad Air 2’s rear shell.

The Verdict: Probably. Apple is unlikely to make major changes to the iPad this year, but according to this rear shell leak the tablet will have recessed volume buttons, Touch ID, and a single row of speaker grill perforations.

Siri comes to the Mac

The Rumor: Siri will make its way onto the Mac soon.

The Verdict: It’s going to happen eventually. Apple already added Dictation to OS X a few years ago, but a recent patent filing for an Intelligent Digital Assistant In A Virtual Environment would add Siri integration to the Mac. The Siri upgrade, plus the addition of Extensibility to iOS 8 and Yosemite could mean that in the near future you’ll be able to start a task on your iPhone and finish on your Mac.

No Sapphire but lots of NFC

The Rumor: NFC will be on the iPhone 6, but not Sapphire crystal glass.

The Verdict: Not a chance. VentureBeat has launched a few crappy Apple rumors that have been shot down, the latest of which echoes reports that the iPhone will have a 2.0GHz processor and faster Wi-Fi, but also claims NFC is coming, and we all know that just ain’t going to happen.


Protruding rear-camera

The Rumor: The 4.7-inch iPhone will have a protruding camera lens.

The Verdict: The future is unclear on this one. Along with leaking pics of the iPhone 6’s scratch resistant Apple logo and recessed volume buttons, Feld & Volk claim that Jony Ive has slimmed the iPhone down so much that Apple plans to adopt the iPod Touch’s protruding camera.

Earlier leaks showed the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 might have a protruding camera, but Apple might add it to the 4.7-inch unit as well. If it makes attaching camera accessories and extra lenses to your iPhone easier, I’m all for it. But how annoying is it going to be using your iPhone as it rests on a table and wobbles side to side with each successive touch? Say it ain’t so Jony.

Touch panel and chassis delays

The Rumor: Release dates for both iPhone 6 units have been pushed back due to production issues with the chassis and touch panel.

The Verdict: The world’s Apple top analyst has it wrong. Based on Recode’s iPhone event rumor, it sounds like the iPhone 6 production engine is pretty much ready for primetime. Ming-Chi Kuo has a decent record for an analyst, but his claim that production problems on the 4.7-inch iPhone could push the launch back deeper into 2014, sound off.

iPhone 6 battery boost

The Rumor: The iPhone 6 is getting a big battery upgrade

The Verdict: Sounds too good to be true but I hope it is. After previous rumors reported the iPhone 6 would only get modest battery improvements (if any at all), a new rumor from analyst Sung Chang Xu claims the 4.7-inch iPhone will have a 2100mAh battery instead of just 1,810 mAh unit.

Hardware leaks have supported the claims of the weaker batteries being used, but according to Xu, those were only for testing purposes, and the real battery will be much beefier, meaning all-day battery life for iPhone might finally happen in 2014.

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  • Jim

    If you can’t get all day battery life out of your iPhone 5s, then seriously, you are on your phone too much. Look up at the world around you! Don’t get hit by a car crossing the street! I regularly get 2 full days out of my iPhone, but if I do use it a lot, I’ve never not made it a full day. That being said, I still think it should have more battery life, just because everything should get better as we move forward… but regardless, using your phone that much; people are ruining their eyes.

    • Germán Villacreces

      Dude.. 2 full days?? if your battery lasts that long you are probably not using your iPhone right. Start using it more, there is an entire world that you can access right at your fingertips.. or just get one of those old Nokia cellphones, if you are only making calls and texting :)

  • John R. Peters Jr.

    I’m willing to bet that their will be NFC in the new iPhone. You say not a chance, but 3 months ago you would have said not a chance to Apple allowing third party keyboards as well.