Apple TV boosts ABC News views by 50 percent



ABC News launched its live news channel on Apple TV just over a month ago, but the media giant has already made some pretty surprising discoveries about the platform, like the fact that users are more likely to watch live ABC News on their Apple TV than their Mac or iPhone.

Users watch 50% more ABC News live on their Apple TV than on desktop and mobile apps combined, and viewers spend 65% more time watching video on the Apple TV than on their desktops.

While ABC is certainly happy about the numbers, there’s no doubt Apple is also pleased that customers prefer to spend more time watching video on the Apple TV,  which could amount to more ad revenue and a bargaining chip in its plagued negotiations with cable companies.

ABC also discovered that breaking news has driven the most traffic. The Malaysian Airlines disaster on July 17th was the channel’s busiest day in July, and its military war coverage has been the most watched videos.

Primetime on Apple TV is 9pm EDT according to ABC’s viewership, with some of the most popular content being live streaming of locals news, to which ABC just added three new stations today for Albuquerque, Boston, and Honolulu.