The 10 coolest companies founded by ex-Apple employees


The apple does not fall from the tree when it comes to former employees of the Cupertino company. A bunch of smart, creative types formerly in Apple’s employ have branched out into smart, successful ventures. You might say they had Steve Jobs, who during his Apple hiatus founded NeXT and Pixar, as a role model. Here are our favorites, from Nest to up-and-comers like a smart scale, 360 camera and a new, iBeacon-based biz. Let us know what you think of our picks (and who you would add) in the comments.

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  • herbaled

    That’s it??

  • James Gunaca

    No Leap Motion?

  • dave01568

    I suppose now you want to sell us a 10 pack of junk Mac apps again after this misleading title

  • Aannddyy

    You forgot to add Pixar