Apple TV beta gets iOS 7-style makeover with new icons and font


Apple TV UI has finally been updated. Photo: Daniel Perez

iOS and OS X weren’t the only platforms that got some Apple beta loving today. A new update for Apple TV beta 4 was seeded to developers as well this morning that comes with a long awaited UI makeover.

Apple still hasn’t completely done away with the grid of icons approach for Apple TV, but it has given the UI an iOS 7-style makeover with a new set of icons that are a lot flatter than their old counterparts.

The update comes with new icons for Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Computers, that have been given new colors and the slim Helvetica Helvetica Neue font Apple adopted last year with iOS 7.

Apple TV’s previous beta releases added a new Family Sharing option along with support for iCloud Photos that will come with iOS 8 and Yosemite. The new Apple TV update can be downloaded from the iOS Dev Center by registered developers, but should be available to everyone else later this fall alongside iOS 8.



  • Guest

    I’ve had this look for a couple of weeks.

    • lowtolerance

      No, you haven’t.

  • Benjamin Muller

    And that ugly new look spreads. They seriously need to allow users to skin at this point. This new look they brought to iOS7, bringing to Yosemite, and now apparently to my AppleTV is terrible. It looks like half finished student project/open source software, like Android. It’s awful.

  • Steve Harris

    After nearly two years, is this really all they’ve got?

    Hey, I’m no Theoretical Physicist, but how about turning the ATV into an iOS device.

    Use the guts out of the current iPad Air and essentially turn it into a low cost computer for streaming content/playing games. Throw in 16-32GB Memory for apps, HDMI, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth and Airplay for connectivity. Create an App Store, and let the content providers write their own apps instead of trying to deal with them directly. THEN refine the UX to give us a usable interface.

    If 3rd party manufacturers can do it with Android (yes, I’m looking at you MINIX X8), surely Apple can do it better with iOS.

    The current ATV and all the new add-ons are fine if you reside in North America, but like me, there’re a lot of people that don’t, and for us, 75% of the junk on ATV is just that. Junk!

    Could Apple please give us an App Store and let us load the apps that we want to use, instead of having to hide the apps that we don’t want to use.