Conan O’Brien DIY video reveals how to make your own iPad



For those tired of shelling out a few hundred bucks every time Cupertino announces a new iPad with the most minor of upgrades, late night TV show host Conan O’Brien has teamed up with comedian Matt Walsh to create a step-by-step instructional video that will guide you through the delicate process of constructing your very own iPad.

All you’ll need is some simple household items, like an etch a sketch, basic speaker wire, lots of peanut butter, and of course, duct tape.

Watch the full DIY video below:

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8 responses to “Conan O’Brien DIY video reveals how to make your own iPad”

  1. Kristian Wontroba says:

    But what components must I add in for the Retina display? : )

  2. immovableobject says:

    Stupid and unfunny.

  3. DougGreen says:

    Or, you could let the duck live and use duct tape which most of the rest of us use

  4. exabyssus says:

    never go full retard

  5. John J. Questore says:

    I tried it and all I got was a Galaxy Tablet. I used chunky peanut butter – could that have been the reason?

  6. Erlend Mørch says:


  7. herbaled says:

    This video was so terribly not funny I couldn’t suffer any more and clicked off half way through.

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