New Constantine trailer outs your demons


The horror!
The horror!

It’s definitely trailer week, especially for comic book and other genre movies, but here’s one for an upcoming DC television show based on the Vertigo property, Hellblazer. The show will cover the exploits of a certain John Constantine, supernaturally sensitive wizard-type who wears a trench coat, smokes incessantly (in the comics, at least) and does smart-ass battle with the angels and demons who plague us mere mortals.

The trailer really brings on the horror tropes: the creepy bugs on the wall revealing a scary message, the creepy flat-affect kid with the sharp knife, the broken-neck demon in a human body shot. You know, all the hits.

Check out the trailer below for all the creepy footage from what could be the best comic book show of the upcoming season.

See? Totally creepy. There’s definitely a fantastic X-Files meets Supernatural vibe here, with a whole Constantine-esque take on angels and demons. And yes, that’s Harold Perrineau (Lost, Romeo & Juliet, Oz) as an angel — the hosts of heaven are just as scary dangerous as the hordes of hell in the comic, so we’re looking forward to the small screen take on this ultimate cold war.

Bottom line, this new trailer has us even more excited for the Hellblazer-based television show, set to air on NBC this October 24th.

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