Kindle app adds Wikipedia integration and notes export



Say whatever you want about the cold reception afforded its Fire Phone, but Amazon’s had a pretty great year when it comes to its core business of selling books: first announcing the creation of its Kindle Unlimited scheme, and now updating its iOS Kindle app with a few nifty features.

Chief among these are Wikipedia integration, letting readers pick selected words from any text they’re reading and link to the relevant Wikipedia page — particularly useful in the case of non-fiction books.

There’s also improved syncing, plus the ability to create “placeholders” in a particular text that allow you to quickly jump to other parts of the book without having to create a bookmark to avoid losing your place.

There’s also a Notes Export feature, which lets students export their notes and highlighted sections from “Print Replica” textbooks, giving them easier access to information.

All in all, the Kindle app is getting better and better. I use it all the time, and while I haven’t yet had the chance to properly dive into all of the new features, several of them are ones I’ve hoped would be added by the app’s developers.

Kindle version 4.4 can be downloaded for free from the App Store, available for iOS devices running iOS 6.0 and above.

Source: iTunes

Via: iDownloadblog