How to get $1 free video credit with every Amazon Prime purchase



Are you an Amazon Prime member? If you’re willing to settle for slower shipping, you may be able to trade prompt delivery for sweet, sweet digital credits.

Why would anyone who pays $99-plus a year for Amazon Prime opt for slower shipping instead of the free two-day shipping or $3.99 one-day shipping the service gives them?

Simple: Downgrading shipping can earn Prime members $1 of Amazon Instant Video Credit, allowing them to shave down the costs of any non-Prime video they care to watch.

It looks as if Amazon is trying to incentivize Prime members to move away from the cheapest (and loss-leading) two-day shipping offering in favor of virtual credits.

Penny for penny? This is a poor deal. But if you don’t care when your orders arrive, and watch a lot of digital media, this could well be worth it.

Source: Betabeat

  • Jason Bourne

    I used that option extensively last Xmas. It’s a great deal!

  • Just noticed this new option popped up recently. Nuts digital video credits, I use prime for shipping not prime video. Also prime is only $49 if you can manage a .edu email address :)

  • aardman

    Seems to me that Amazon Prime costs are spinning out of control. Feel no sympathy at all for Amazon for engendering a culture of enjoying things without paying for the full cost. This kind of mentality has severe long term effects on society.

    • csp1971

      Severe long term effects on society? Government spending is having severe long term effects on society, not Amazon’s 2 day shipping for Prime members.